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  1. NomarRS05

    Rethinking Barstool?

    Got it, sorry for confusing the two. The post I originally quoted still underscores the point: this is kind of a mole hill, why make it a mountain?
  2. NomarRS05

    Rethinking Barstool?

    She literally told a poster: “I am ashamed at your toxic lack of self awareness as a human and as a male” She gets a free pass to hurl personal insults now because she is female? I’m all for everyone having a voice but this seemed like an excessive overreaction given the context of what is...
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    Rethinking Barstool?

    Imagine being this offended about a hockey game rally towel sponsor. Jeez.
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    Sox sign Rusney Castillo to 7-year/$72.5M deal (2014-2020)

      Why wouldn't he be?
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    Trading Jon Lester (news and speculation thread)

    This is nothing like the Pedro situation though, Pedro was fading fast and by that point not in the class Lester is right now. Most people were onboard with it IIRC. With Lester, they're seemingly willing to go into 2015 without an ace just so they aren't paying him #1 starter money in...
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    Trading Jon Lester (news and speculation thread)

    Yeah 2015 may be tough but who's gonna be laughing in 2019 when Lester is only a #3 starter??
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    Trading Jon Lester (news and speculation thread)

    Scherzer or bust now. I think it's going to be hard for ownership to live down the PR backlash from his unless they spend big in the offseason now.
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    Red Sox Deadline Discussion

    Well, when they collapse, they do it spectacularly.
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    This is working out perfect

      Unless one of those pitchers is Lester, there aren't really one or two front-line starters to sign. Despite his recent quotes I have a hard time believing Lester returns if he's traded, just because it happens so rarely. The other front-line option is Scherzer who is going to be more expensive...
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    Workman suspended for 6 games for throwing behind Longoria

    I can say without hesitation that David Price is my least favorite player in the league. What a whiner.
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    Spring Training 2014

    The explanation above makes some sense but still, it seems pretty drastic to shut Victorino down due to "core strength issues" and doesn't jibe all that well with the notion that he came into camp in top shape. Also if AJP and David Ross are both hurt, who is next in line?
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    NHL Players, The Olympics, and YOU

    So what happens if the NHL doesn't send its players to Korea in 2018? Basically a showcase of the World Juniors teams?
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    2014 Washington Nationals: Captain America's Team

    The Sports Junkies, one of the local radio shows on 106.7 the Fan in the D.C. area, were saying that Bryce maxes out at 325 on bench (2 reps) then does two sets of 225 (20 reps). I'm not sure how that compares to most other non-roided up outfielders but suffice to say he's a freak. 
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    David Ortiz, Elder Batsman

    He gets his number retired in Fenway either way. Has to.
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

    I just hate that he brought in Uehara in the middle of an inning instead of giving him a clean slate. Koji hadn't pitched in five days and it's game three, you count on him to go two innings one way or another. Lots of baffling decisions there. If you're going to leave Workman in, then why...
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    T & P. You were cut down before your time.

    T & P. You were cut down before your time.
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    I think ur kewl. Tryin to hang out late night sometime?

    I think ur kewl. Tryin to hang out late night sometime?