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    Judge’s March To 62 Homers

    This needs lots of love
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    How many players on this list w/ one career Red Sox home run do you remember? (since 1990)

    There were three major leaguers all time whose names started with the letters KOT. Mark Kotsay, George Kottaras, and Casey Kotchman. All three were with the Red Sox on the major league roster at the same. Each hit their homer in 2009. Next guy on the list is Sandy Koufax. He hit 2 homers with...
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    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    Enjoy the silence. We get this promo with JD and Ron Darling. The dialogue is lame enough but the fact that it's an '86 Met referencing that series makes it worse. Then, we get about a minute of a jingle that makes an ice cream truck sound like Mozart. Would be great if they just went back...
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    Font size while Reading Forums on an Android Phone

    Thanks, SD. It's working as I type this but the previous entries are all as small as usual. Still hard for me to read. Yes, I know, new glasses but everything else (books, newspapers, etc.) I read is fine. It's just SoSH.
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    Font size while Reading Forums on an Android Phone

    Sorry Folks if this is explained anywhere; I looked but had no luck. Is there any way to make the font larger on SoSH? I have a Galaxy S7 and use Chrome? Apologies for any typos
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    2018 World Series Sports Illustrated HARDBOUND Commemorative Book?

    I'm with you on that. I felt the hardback was a terrific cap to it all. I live in LA so wasn't expecting to find in any stores here. I will now inform relatives in New England to stop looking at their local Star Market. As an aside, watched the Damage Done video last night and really missed...
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    To all who are Boston sports fans. Can you go to the grave with this success or do you want more?

    I grew up in NY and was tormented as a child and an adult by classmates, supposed friends, colleagues, and neighbors. I have been heckled by strangers, hotel clerks, baristas, and homeless people across the US and in many different countries. Even my parish priest gave me grief. Very happy we...
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    Step on the throats of the bombers

    Step on the throats of the bombers
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    What's your most treasured baseball card of a Sox player?

    Here are the Yaz cards I collected as a kid with a few later ones added in. This is in our bedroom (on my side although my wife gave decorator approval). Of all the photos, #8 only smiles in the 1965, so I guess that's my favorite.
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    WS Game 7: A Curse Dies and a Curse Continues

    If Cubs lose this, within the next 5 years, Theo hires Tito who then breaks that streak.