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  1. astrozombie

    Bronny declares for NBA draft

    My guess is that Bronny gets drafted by the Lakers with that LAC 2nd rounder, plays with his dad for a year off the bench and when Bron retires, Bronny quietly makes his exit. He doesn't need the money. He probably doesn't even care all that much about the "you're only in the NBA because of your...
  2. astrozombie

    Do You Want John Henry To Sell The Red Sox?

    I am certainly appreciative of what ownership did from the time they took over up through the last couple of years. I never really thought I would see a Sox championship in my lifetime and I saw 4. That is pretty cool. That would not have happened without current ownership and whatever it was...
  3. astrozombie

    Following Former Celtics & Cs Nostalgia

    I wonder what Danny Ainge would have done in some alternate universe where he is still GM for the Celtics. I can't help but feel he would have held onto Smart due to loyalty, held onto TL hoping his value would come back (I love TL, but it won't - he's never going to be the pre-injury TL ever...
  4. astrozombie

    Yet another Pats draft poll--Your preference, 5 weeks out

    I hope this is the case for everyone involved.
  5. astrozombie

    Yet another Pats draft poll--Your preference, 5 weeks out

    I have gone back and forth on what I want the Pats to do, especially if Maye is unavailable (drafting him would be my best case scenario). I still keep thinking that sitting whatever QB they draft for a year is the prudent thing to do since the Pats offense is so bad. I posted that on another...
  6. astrozombie

    2023-24 Celtics

    I have no issue sitting JT with Hauser out and letting Brissett/Svi/Walsh get some extended minutes against the Pistons. And if that makes for some funky lineups where we get more Springer and other seldom used guys, I am all for it. Let some depth guys get some game action in a pretty low...
  7. astrozombie

    The Frailty of the Modern Pitcher

    This right here. I thought about posting responses to this several times, but it all seems moot because there is no incentive for teams to change what they are doing. By and large, teams would rather win now or show pitching prospects who look good now via the max effort approach, rather than...
  8. astrozombie

    2023-24 Celtics

    I didn't think anyone looked particularly tired, then I read this thread and now I am worried, especially about JT. At this point, I am more than happy giving multiple starters days off. I have actually kind of enjoyed watching the bench see what they can do with expanded minutes, as well as...
  9. astrozombie

    Patriots re-sign Anfernee Jennings

    For so long "In Bill We Trust" worked out well that the sudden idea of going with the grain seems so odd in contrast. This offseason has made a lot of sense so far - solid players, great value - and I hope that keeping the D largely intact will allow the Pats to go heavy on offense in what...
  10. astrozombie

    Patriots sign Austin Hooper

    I agree and I would add that this a team in transition. I would prefer the Pats build a solid but unspectacular team through FA/draft around presumptive rookie QB, rather than going all out for a star FA edge or a WR or something now and leave a billion holes so we end up with Mac 2.0.
  11. astrozombie

    Patriots sign Austin Hooper

    Too bad - I would have liked to see what Brown could do for the Pats with an expanded role.
  12. astrozombie

    Patriots sign Austin Hooper

    I agree and I am on board. I was of the mind that Mac wasn't a good QB but the team around him wasn't doing him any favors. I would obviously prefer an offense with a ton of stars and playmakers, but at this point I will take a stable, competent offense that won't cripple draft pick #3s...
  13. astrozombie

    Deadspin is Burning

    As a onetime Deadspin reader, I still checked it periodically after the staff's defection to, um, Defector. I did notice today that Deadspin had a lot of A/P news-style stories, rather than opinion pieces. I guess this explains it. That site and it's readership seemed to be heavily anti-Boston...
  14. astrozombie

    Josh Uche Re-signs

    I am not really a fan of Uche - I think he's average and seemed to get a lot of sacks in bunches (ie one game with 3 sacks and then nothing for the next 4 games). That said, for that contract I am perfectly happy to have him back. I am blown away he left more money on the table and my gut is...
  15. astrozombie

    The Frailty of the Modern Pitcher

    Many thanks @The Gray Eagle.
  16. astrozombie

    The Frailty of the Modern Pitcher

    This sums it up for me. I would add that catchers probably don't want to learn to catch knuckleballers and those catchers who do are doing it because they are forced to or also trying to learn a new skill to hang on to a team.
  17. astrozombie

    The Frailty of the Modern Pitcher

    I can't remember who said it, but one HoF pitcher (I want to say Christy Mathewson, but my gut says that is totally wrong) said for most games, we would throw a decent amount of low speed junk in early innings to "let the defense do something" or a similar sentiment, then would ratchet it up a...
  18. astrozombie

    The Frailty of the Modern Pitcher

    The current philosophy on pitchers - give max effort on every pitch - is unsustainable. Even worse, there is little incentive to change it.
  19. astrozombie

    Bruins Acquire Andrew Peeke

    That 2015 draft continuing to haunt the Bs. Even when they trade one of those guys, it ends up being a terrible deal. I don't understand this at all. I have never heard of Peeke and they gave up real value for him.
  20. astrozombie

    That dog will hunt; Henry back to Patriots on 3/27M deal

    Assuming its not massive money, this is good. He's not the best TE of all time, but he seemed to be the one consistently above-average pass catcher the last few years.