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  1. Rusty Gate

    NCAA Men's Final Four Thread

    UConn vs. Seton Hall? Been there, done that.
  2. Rusty Gate

    2023-2024 Women’s College Basketball

    I'll say it was long. Was starting to seem repetitive, and I was hoping I was reaching the end. Then I got to Part 2. Skimmed the rest. They ought to publish a Reader's Digest version.
  3. Rusty Gate

    NCAA Men's Elite 8 Thread

    Travesty. Once he sets up in the lane, he does not leave even if the ball stays on the perimeter. This is blatant. Gene?
  4. Rusty Gate

    SI: Cover Songs

    Wondering why no one posted this one. Surprised to discover that it wasn't a cover photo.
  5. Rusty Gate

    GW 19: Boxing Day and following

    Robbie Fowler made a good point. If it didn't hit Onana's arm it would have hit him in the face. It wasn't going in the goal. Not sure how the rule takes that into account. In any event, very pleased with how Everton are competing each and every game. Would like to see more squad rotation...
  6. Rusty Gate

    Everton 23-24: A Small Club

    Agreed. Maybe he deserves a write up in The Special Ones Thread. I hadn't realized until this weekend's build up to the Burnley match just how far he had taken that franchise in his 10-year run. And it seems like their ownership made an impetuous decision to let him go that may now regret to...
  7. Rusty Gate

    NBA In-Season Tournament 2023 Discussion and Gamethread

    Bill Simmons proposed 5 groups of 6 instead of 6 groups of 5 as a solution to this problem. Then all groups can have their final 3 games played simultaneously.
  8. Rusty Gate

    11/25 - Post-Turkey Match Thread - Don’t Sleep In

    Coleman and Patterson are both available. Young shouldn't be in the 18 any more.
  9. Rusty Gate

    Everton 23-24: A Small Club

    That is the precisely appropriate quote here. And from Tark the Shark!! That's like Newcastle saying the EPL is so mad at Man City that they're going to give Everton a 10 point deduction.
  10. Rusty Gate

    2023-24 EPL Survivor Pool

    I will be in whatever the format. To state the obvious, the more points until elimination, the longer the season will last. So 9 or 10 points would likely result in a season that lasted a little longer than last year, which I think is what we're aiming for.
  11. Rusty Gate

    Dan Shaughnessy: Taking a dump in your mouth one column at a time

    Choosing whether to label the team as "Sellers" or "Buyers" is an oversimplistic dichotomy whose main purpose is to allow hack sportswriters to fill column space by bloviating about whether the team deserves a thumbs up or a thumbs down for the season so far. The more useful way to look at the...
  12. Rusty Gate

    Uncork one: the Port Cellar's opinion on Mazzulla and Udoka

    I generally agree with the last option that the relative quality of an NBA coach has much less impact on team success than an NFL coach. However, I would say 80-85% player/roster driven if the last option was a fill-in-the-blank question. That said, I checked the third option, that Joe did do a...
  13. Rusty Gate

    30 for 30

    Just finished watching, and it really was that good. It showed his joyful perseverance that allows him to consider himself the luckiest person on earth even while unflinchingly acknowledging his dark and difficult times. My highlight was learning the story behind how he chose to wear #5 with the...
  14. Rusty Gate

    Lucky grants you a wish . . .

    JT taking another mini-leap is not magical, it's my expectation. TL staying health the entire season and playing no worse than he did last year would be magical and a major plus towards winning the title.
  15. Rusty Gate

    How much does defense matter for being the best player

    His defense is well above neutral if you take into account his stellar defensive rebounding. He fits right in the Denver scheme that seems to emphasize staying at home and controlling the defensive boards over Boston-style ball pressure with aggressive switching and strategic doubling. In the...
  16. Rusty Gate

    Celtics vs Heat ECF Redux Discussion Thread

    Very well put. I had a very similar feeling, but you put it in a way that underscores an even bigger point. It shows how JT makes the leap from All-NBA to All Time Great. That's how All Timers act, and everybody else on the court, including the refs, responds to being in the presence of an All...
  17. Rusty Gate

    The Celtics Offseason

    Focusing primarily on the Boston side wish list. Just throwing out CP3 as someone who may be the type of player I'd like to replace Smart. On further thought, best solution would probably be a younger guy with more of a distributor (not hero ball) point guard mentality. Closer to what Smart used...
  18. Rusty Gate

    The Celtics Offseason

    JB and Tatum are the Big 2. Smart is not part of a Big 3. The Miami series has confirmed that Smart is stupid and not a leader. Despite his obvious positive qualities, his reckless, me-first attitude is a net liability. Their lead guard should be someone like him (defense and distributor first)...
  19. Rusty Gate

    2022-23 Providence College Hoops: AMPed for a Title Defense

    I recognize the 2 SU big men who went on to long NBA careers. But I don't recognize anyone else other than Pitino and Donovan (mostly because of the name on his shirt). I'd like to see the answer key. Are any of the writers well-known? If I had to guess, the guy with glasses holding his chin...
  20. Rusty Gate

    Liverpool 2022/23: We Go Again

    Really for the Toffees board, but so glad that Dyche is in charge for this one. Just the guy to keep the team focused on the task at hand without being distracted by the sweet smell of one week's success.