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  1. Freddy Linn

    Is It Over Now? Chiefs/Niners SB Thread

    Loss of Greenlaw was enormous. He’s outrageously good.
  2. Freddy Linn

    2024 PGA Tour

    Pavon is making this super interesting.
  3. Freddy Linn

    ESPN & NFL in advanced talks that to give NFL a stake in the network

    If you listen to Pagliuca in Davos it sounds like the NBA wants an equity stake too.
  4. Freddy Linn

    Wild Card Weekend

    Holy shit.
  5. Freddy Linn

    Wild Card Weekend

    Going away from Mostert early hurt them.
  6. Freddy Linn

    Wild Card Weekend

    Tua is brutal.
  7. Freddy Linn

    Wild Card Weekend

    Garrett's not good. "Take a knee."...."Why not, let it rip!"
  8. Freddy Linn

    Wild Card Weekend

    It''s like a free bet.
  9. Freddy Linn

    23-24 General CBB Thread

    Santa Clara just bounced Gonzaga out of the AP poll for the first time since 2016.
  10. Freddy Linn

    CFB Coaching Carousel

    Lanning reiterates he isn't going anywhere. Cool video.
  11. Freddy Linn

    Saban Leaving Alabama

    Lanning isn't going anywhere.
  12. Freddy Linn

    Week 18

    I think Claypool ran a bad route. edit: doesn’t make your point less valid. He shouldn’t have gone there anyway.
  13. Freddy Linn

    Week 18

    Hard Knocks keeps getting better.
  14. Freddy Linn

    Week 18

    Tua pick was the easiest prop out there.
  15. Freddy Linn

    Week 14

    Hard Knocks could be spicy.
  16. Freddy Linn

    Week 14

    Even Berman is saying the Chiefs win on Toney’s TD. Like Allen didn’t have oodles of time and three timeouts.
  17. Freddy Linn

    Week 13

    Cris hasn’t watched Mahomes for the past six weeks.
  18. Freddy Linn

    Week 12

    Garrett almost always says some variant of “sure does” to begin his color commentary.
  19. Freddy Linn

    Week 12

    Another non-contact injury at MetLife.