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    2024 Mock Drafts are more fun than this boring, awful Patriots Team of Williams, Maye, Daniels and McCarthy AND another 1st. That's raising the bar so high you'd need a jetpack to clear.
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    2024 Draft Binkies

    Tommy Eichenberg has to have the Linebackeriest name to ever Linebacker. Every year a few kids just sound by their name alone that they were meant to play football. He's one of them.
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    The Next Pats QB: Daniels or Maye?

    I was a 'Trade down for Daniels' guy near the end of the season before he shot up mocks like Richardson did last year. Daniels at 3 isn't something I'm all that comfortable with given he's an older prospect and his running style. If Maye is gone by #3 I'd rather see a tradedown.
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    Calvin Ridley, you in?

    Paying guys like Ridley 23m a year AAV is how you get stuck in mediocrity. Good on him getting the bag. Glad it's not my team giving it to him.
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    Official Patriots 2024 Draft Pick Watch Thread (#3)

    That is likely getting picked on Sundays.
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    Calvin Ridley, you in?

    Paying guys like Ridley 20m/year is a great way to lock yourself into mediocrity. Hard pass. Edit: I'd go for 3/40-45.
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    What If you could change One (little?) thing.

    I always have in my mind how bad the 01 draft was botched. I remember being on the old ESPN boards as a kid and losing my mind. Kedrick Brown and Joe Forte over...Richard Jefferson and Tony Parker? Da fuq? Or maybe try to trade 10 and 11 with future assets to 3, where the Grizz took Gasol...
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    Dugger? I don't even know her!

    Signing guys like Dugger to 15m+ deals is how you...don't have cap space. Let him go.
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    What do you want Pats to do with #3?

    Dependant on the valuations of Maye and Daniels. If you're Wolf/Mayo and think whoevers left can lead your squad back into contention, you take him and don't question it. That being said, the roster has a dearth of talent everywhere basically. If you're not sold on them after due diligence...
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    Pats select Western Kentucky QB Bailey Zappe at 137

    Maybe Mac was THAT much of a shitheel that Zappe felt a bit of schadenfreude.
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    Contract Conundrum: Do We Sign Jrue, Derrick, Sam? For How Much?

    White/Hauser/Holliday. That's just mostly due to age and I'm not a huge fan of extending an aging PG for 35m-40m per year, which is what I think it's gonna take. If he'll take 30, extend. Gauge his value in the trade market otherwise. Offer White around 30m and Hauser 12m per for 3-4 years.
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    2024 SOSH Mock Draft?

    I'm down if there's room.
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    Comparing Stevens and Ainge as GMs

    This is the point I was about to make. Good possibility Brad just lets Zarren pull the trigger on deals more often than Danny did. Also have to take into account that the Jays are entering their prime years now as opposed to 3-4 years ago when it didn't make sense to GFIN mode.
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    Official Patriots 2024 Draft Pick Watch Thread (#3)

    This mocker must think the Bears GM is better than Trader Danny. In what world is a QB that even if he breaks out, can leave in FA or needs a franchise tag worth a mid-late 1st?
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    2024 NBA Draft

    Then father and son can live their dream of playing together for...Real Madrid. (Silver would 1000% step in. Not serious. The potential for trolling is still there, though.)
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    Official Patriots 2024 Draft Pick Watch Thread (#3)

    RG3 also tore his ACL in college when being a dual-threat was his thing, and then Shanahan had him out there in the playoffs, his rookie year, under center AFTER it was obvious he re-tore it. The comparison doesn't really fit unless you think the HC is going to commit gross malpractice. Again.
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    Jayson Tatum's Rise to the Top

    This. While he's put on plenty of muscle mass over the years, he's not a 25 year old LeBron that can take the hits driving consistently during the RS. He's working on his game. His team has the luxury of that while currently holding HC for the playoffs.
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    Official Patriots 2024 Draft Pick Watch Thread (#3)

    Trade down if your scouting/interviews doesn't have glowing reports on Daniels or Maye, get whatever WR kid you like best in the teens or 20s, use the 34 and other draft capital to get McCarthy. BPA the rest of the draft with a preference to OL help. Get a veteran QB and have McCarthy hold a...
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    Official Patriots 2024 Draft Pick Watch Thread (#3)

    Honestly, my ideal situation would be get a veteran QB, trade back and get BPA out of WR/TE/OT somewhere mid 1st, trade back into the end of the 1st, get McCarthy and get an OC/QB coach that's worth a damn. Bring along the kid slowly and ideally, he takes the starting job fall 2025. Get him in...
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    The next OC?

    I've always wondered how much it's money vs being the guy in charge (HC jobs) regarding coordinators. What's to stop an owner/front office giving an OC/DC a 5m+ per year deal to keep him put?