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  1. Vandalman

    Lets Talk About Drew Magary

    Two (of many) great quotes from this piece: "Portnoy treats his own female employees like Lorenzo Lamas analyzing a model’s thigh gap using a laser pointer." "I look forward to Portnoy reacting to this post with his patented brand of painfully contrived brashness. He’ll clumsily fisk it like a...
  2. Vandalman

    Kirk and Callahan: Annoying Little Pissants

    Has anyone checked on Gerry Callahan after the Jessica Mendoza announcement? First a woman in the booth, now a woman in the FO. He can't be taking this well.
  3. Vandalman

    Joe Posnanski: your new Senior Writer for SI (Not No More, He Ain't)

    I agree it was decent. But two-person drafts (even with Schur) are rarely as good as multi-person drafts .
  4. Vandalman

    That'd be up the butt, Bob - Kraft Charged with Soliciting.

    I'd never heard of the phrase "rub and tug" before today (sheltered life). Now it's practically trending on Twitter.
  5. Vandalman

    Big changes at CSNNE and

    Reporter suspended for this story: On Monday, we learned that the numbers were not accurate for the entire month of January. They were, in fact, only accurate for one week. Our source did not convey this to us when delivering the raw numbers – however, this person shouldn’t have needed to. We...
  6. Vandalman

    2019 NFL News & Transactions

    Thank you SteelerNation for a big 9 years...time to move on and forward.......... #NewDemands
  7. Vandalman

    AAF Game/Season Thread

    The AAF home site has them:
  8. Vandalman

    Super Bowl LIII - We’re on to Los Angeles (again)

    A smothering D deserves some O points
  9. Vandalman

    Super Bowl LIII - We’re on to Los Angeles (again)

    Better play calling, please.