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  1. Red(s)HawksFan

    Chris Owings signed

    Career ERA of 21.60 in 1.2 innings of work.
  2. Red(s)HawksFan

    Chris Owings signed

    Like Marco Hernandez? Considering how bad Owings looked in KC, this seems like a long shot reclamation project kind of thing. If he figures it out and forces his way to the big league roster, great, but I don't think he should be viewed as insurance for anyone at this point. He's depth. Like...
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    Where the Red Sox have gone wrong

    I'm not sure what dc was getting at, but acquiring Encarnacion makes the Yankees lineup that much more RHH-heavy. Their most potent LHH bats right now are Gregorius and Gardner (and Hicks, I suppose). Everyone's long been bemoaning how the Sox don't have a truly effective LOOGY for a couple...
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    Where the Red Sox have gone wrong

    Is Porcello any better/worse than, say, Jake Peavy in 2013? Could he not fit a similar innings-eating 4th/5th starter to get through the season type of role that Peavy did? There's also the potential for injuries to create a need for a team. And considering Martinez was acquired by an NL team...
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    Where the Red Sox have gone wrong

    You understand WAR is a stat one accumulates and that Price missed a big chunk of the 2017 season right? Yet with that missed time, he's still top 20. That suggests that when healthy, he's been damn good. But you're right on one thing...for the right offer, anyone can go. If we're going to...
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    Where the Red Sox have gone wrong

    Is this a joke? Are you trolling? "Too little performance" is not a very good description of David Price. 3.63 ERA, 3.68 FIP, 1.165 WHIP, 123 ERA+, 9.2 K/9, 3.99 K/BB since they signed him. 2.70 ERA, 3.06 FIP, 1.05 WHIP, 172 ERA+, 10.4 K/9, 4.93 K/BB this year. The guy is a top 10 pitcher...
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    David Ortiz in Hospital with Gunshot Wound?

    So reports of no organ damage were wrong? Can't say I'm surprised that in this "gotta be first" world of news reporting, the story keeps changing. As long as there's no change in the story that Papi will make a full recovery, the other details are irrelevant. I want to see David up and about...
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    June MLB game thread

    Bumgarner after the game.... LOL at "kids". Bumgarner born 8/1/1989. Muncy born 8/25/1990.
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    Where the Red Sox have gone wrong

    Fucking Christ. I know they're struggling at the moment, and against division/league rivals no less, but "terrible" is not a word that should be used to describe a team that is 34-32 and a game out of a wildcard spot. Mediocre, disappointing, scuffling...those are appropriate descriptors...
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    Kimbrel to Cubs

    Why should the 9th be exempt from the "choosing matchups" gameplan? We've seen the way Barnes has been deployed this year...focusing his efforts on the iron of the opposing order whenever possible. Why can't Kimbrel be used in a similar manner? Isn't his skill wasted when he's saved for the...
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    2019 MLB Draft - Red Sox tracker

    Drafting college relievers with the expectation of them "fast tracking" to the big leagues rarely ever works out.
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    Who had the better career....?

    If Moose had signed with the Sox instead of the Yankees, 2003 might have turned out differently, let alone 2004. To the OP question, I lean toward saying Mussina, but it is close between he and Schilling. I say Mussina in part because of his durability and spending his entire career in the AL...
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    Unusual plays

    Agreed that this one is on the catcher. Not sure that even if the play is definitely going to second then first for the DP attempt that the catcher should be abandoning the plate in that situation.
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    RedSox and Yankees will be in London next year on June 29-30.

    Thing is, it sounds like this turf is going down last minute (article says the process for putting it down over the soccer pitch starts on Thursday). Not sure how much more safe freshly installed turf is than freshly installed sod.
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    Rosenthal: Sale extension 5 years, $145 million

    The bolded is the key. It's every good agent's strategy to get every high payroll team on his client's list of possible landing spots. So of course the Red Sox are going to be rumored to be interested in every player out there. And since every beat reporter is going to jump on every possible...
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    Rosenthal: Sale extension 5 years, $145 million

    There may be a kernel of truth to the idea that the Sox expect to have trouble signing top flight free agent pitching due to the Yankees financial advantage, but how often does it really manifest? Who was the last player (pitcher or otherwise) that both teams were in dogged pursuit of only to...
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    Where the Red Sox have gone wrong

    Why is Sale out of the LDS rotation due to pitching the WC game? Barring rainouts messing with the schedule, there's typically an off-day between the WC game and LDS game 1, plus an off-day between games 2 and 3. That would allow whoever starts the WC game to come back on regular rest to pitch...
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    RIP Bill Buckner

    24-man rosters but typically a 10-man pitching staff, so still plenty of roster space for a back-up 1B (or a second one). The bench that year for the most part was Stapleton, Romero, Lyons/Henderson, Sullivan and a rotating array of shuttle players like Kevin Romine, Mike Stenhouse and Mike...
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    Fan Safety

    The issue is reaction time as much as anything else. If someone isn't reacting to a line drive hit toward them until someone else yells or whistles or rings a bell, it's too late.
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    Keeping the Sky Up. What is going right?

    Why stop at Mookie and Porcello? See what they can get for Sale and ERod and Benintendi and Devers too. I mean, if we're going to punt the season, let's really fucking punt the season. I seem to recall that people didn't think the Sox could beat the MFY or the Astros last year despite winning...