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  1. allstonite

    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    Any chance we get a Rene anthem? I love the new guy but I think him showing up would contribute to blowing the roof off the place before the game
  2. allstonite

    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    My lord this team is full of babies. At least the Canucks owned their softness. The Blues want to be tough and hit illegally but then not get penalized for it and then whine about it when they get called on it.
  3. allstonite

    2019 Stanley Cup Final - No Singing the Blues - Boston is Going Back to Backes

    Fuck this guy. I never thought it possible but this team has reached 2011 Canucks level hate from me
  4. allstonite

    Game 5 - Bruins v. Blues

    I love this almost as much as I love Chara I'll be in the air for the first part of this then probably watching the rest of it from the Nashville Airport. Please win
  5. allstonite

    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

    “The creator of thrones has a kid on my son’s team! He’s just a guy! He wears a hat! Mike Schur is there too. Mike O’Mally was the commissioner. It’s LA it’s fucking weird”
  6. allstonite

    5 Star Hoops Recruit to Skip College

    He was on this morning's Pardon My Take (actually recorded yesterday on a Sirius show) with another Breakers owner Matt Walsh. I thought he came off great and was very sure of himself and his decision. I'm always shocked when the younger players come into the public eye already talking like 15...
  7. allstonite

    Match Thread May 18-19: To the bitter end

    Bayern running away with it and got goals for Ribery and Robben in their last games with the club. Ribery ripped his shirt off then hugged the ref before getting his yellow card and I thought that was funny
  8. allstonite

    Champions League - The Final Four

    I’m more worried about Milner. He’s toast out there and is trying to pick passes instead of booting it
  9. allstonite

    Champions League - The Final Four

    Beautiful by Gini their to get free
  10. allstonite

    Champions League - The Final Four

    Vidal blocking a field goal just outside the box
  11. allstonite

    Champions League - The Final Four

    There's 1 Edit: As weird as it seems Liverpool need to calm down and collect themselves. Matip and Fabinho are way too wound up. There's still 80+ minutes and Barca are content to sit back.
  12. allstonite

    May 3rd-6th Gamethread: Rafa and the Brodge to decide Liverpool's fate?

    That was coming for about 5 minutes. Sloppy play. TAA extremely lucky