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  1. Joe Sixpack

    72 Suburbs in Search of a City: Anthony Davis to Los Angeles Lakers

    You do a pick swap every other year so you still retain a first round pick and meet the requirements of the rule.
  2. Joe Sixpack

    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    I wasn't aware... Thanks for the correction.
  3. Joe Sixpack

    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    Where are you getting this information? Caesars doesn't take bets on the Celtics.
  4. Joe Sixpack

    2019 US Open- Pebble Beach

    Not seeing that one but you can get +4000 on a top 20 finish for him.
  5. Joe Sixpack

    2019 US Open- Pebble Beach

    I just put down $20 on Rob at +125,000.
  6. Joe Sixpack

    Are the USWNT being unfairly criticized for their sportsmanship? Is it sexist?

    WNBA players deserve the same player compensation as a percentage of overall revenue as their NBA counterparts, yes. It's something they've been fighting for but haven't gotten yet. Many of the top women have to take seasons off to play overseas to make decent money, which stinks.
  7. Joe Sixpack

    New Site = New App?

    I use the tapatalk app and it works fine. I don't like using mobile browsers because I have to re-login constantly.
  8. Joe Sixpack

    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    It opened at Toronto -3 so it's been a 4 point swing.
  9. Joe Sixpack

    Can we talk? Giving up the Landline phone

    You can set it to ring if your parents call but not the carpet cleaning company.
  10. Joe Sixpack

    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    The fact that they consider an up front payment of Kawhi's entire next contract to only be in the 6-7 figure range is maybe the biggest red flag here (of many).
  11. Joe Sixpack

    RedSox and Yankees will be in London next year on June 29-30.

    They already play 20+ games per year on turf so does it really matter much with respect to injury risk to add 2 more? Concern about this seems unwarranted to me.
  12. Joe Sixpack

    Should I buy a new IPad Pro?

    The $325 one should be fine for your needs. I recently bought one - it's definitely anything but bad or glitchy.
  13. Joe Sixpack

    4G Android phone megathread

    The phones were running Microsoft Windows OS but the hardware was made and supported by Nokia.
  14. Joe Sixpack

    4G Android phone megathread

    My wife had an earlier model Nokia phone from a few years back, one of the Lumia phones. The headphone jack stopped working after about 6 months. We sent it in for service under the warranty and they sent it back unfixed saying physical damage invalidated the warranty because there was a...
  15. Joe Sixpack

    Are baseballs juiced?

    I think the theory would be they stitched them tighter in the late 90s when steroids and home runs exploded, then in the PED backlash stitched looser to reduce power (it was being compared to a mid-2000s ball, not a present day one) and they are now going tighter again.
  16. Joe Sixpack

    Jimmy G to 49ers for 2nd round pick

    Excerpt from The Athletic article (pay wall):
  17. Joe Sixpack

    Round 1 Discussion: Celtics - Pacers

    Since 2005, teams down 0-3 are 20-39 in the next game.
  18. Joe Sixpack

    Round 1 Discussion: Celtics - Pacers

    HRB, you've been spot on with all your predictions so far (gambling related) this playoffs. Appreciate the insight.
  19. Joe Sixpack

    SOSH Running Dogs

    I peaked around 70km/week when I was half marathon training and yeah, it was barely surviving for me too. I have a hard time getting going early in the morning for long runs too. Running in summer in Massachusetts is uncomfortable but I can tolerate it if it's under 30 degrees C, just need to...
  20. Joe Sixpack

    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    You must have gotten a really early line on the Thunder series because it was -158 at one of my books and -180 at the other. I did take some action at -158 and also the Nuggets at -230.