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  1. MarkBT

    The Ringer

    KOC at the Ringer published a piece this morning about his father and their bond over the Boston Celtics. Sadly, his father was just diagnosed w/ Stage IV cancer. Worth the read:
  2. MarkBT

    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

    I've enjoyed the Russillo and Simmons podcasts as well, but the bit where they compare 'NBA Scenario ______' to their own careers is tiring. "It'd be like if you were asked to work the boards at WEEI back in the day" "Bill, you're someone who's always been the star in your endeavors" "Kryie's...
  3. MarkBT

    The Game Ball Thread: AFCCG at the Chiefs

    Oh my... what a game. After 6 hours of sleep, other than the GOAT, who's who stood out last night: - James Develin. Job done. Caught a few passes out of the backfield to keep chains moving, but more importantly cleared the motherfucking way for Michel, Burkhead, White. - Gronk. One of his...
  4. MarkBT

    R-Dub: Time Lord, Tantalizing Sleeper, or Just a Late Flier?

    Still way too early, obviously, but I still like the pick as much as I did on draft night. I would've been just as happy with Ellie Okobo, but that's about it. I think Mitchell Robinson was off a lot of team's first-round boards, but he'd look pretty good as a late first-round pick right now...
  5. MarkBT

    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

    On Friday's pod, Simmons had Jim Miller on to talk about the latest in his "Origins" podcast series (which is actually quite good). For this series, Miller dove into the Saban era at Alabama. The conversation turned to the Saban-Belichick relationship. Simmons said something like Belichick...
  6. MarkBT

    The Ringer

    I don't understand "apex mountain" category. Do they understand the redundancy, and this is sort of an inside/sarcastic joke? They've had multiple people on the pod and not one (by my measure) has pointed out how silly "apex mountain" sounds. Why not just call it "career apex." I need to know!
  7. MarkBT

    The Ringer

    Yep. Among the regular / consistent writers for The Ringer, Chau and Katie Baker are my favorites.
  8. MarkBT

    Celtics re-sign Baynes

    Getting a bona fide starting 5 for somewhere around 5-7% of the cap is reason to celebrate. Keep working on those corner and top of the key 3's, Aaron!
  9. MarkBT

    2018 Vegas Summer League

    I'm generally of the opinion that summer league doesn't really "matter"... but agree that Yabu needs to play well. If he doesn't dominate (or at least stand out) while he's on the court, he may well remain behind the ol' eight ball on the varsity roster
  10. MarkBT

    Lets Talk About Drew Magary

    I'm a big fan of Roth's Twitter musings and his writing on Deadspin. "A People's History Of Bill Simmons Making Up Corny Things For Boston Fans To Chant" is one of the funniest things I've read on the internet this year...
  11. MarkBT

    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

    I agree. Wildly speculating here... but given his responsibilities within his own company, and assorted projects (NBA Finals show, etc), I don't think he honestly has enough time/energy/aptitude for thoughtful takes when he lacks an interesting non-Ringer guest. So he just retreats to tired...
  12. MarkBT

    Jaylen's Junior Year '18-19

    Ball handling, ball handling, and (more) more handling. While he's never going to as natural with the rock in his hands as some of his young peers on the wing, enhancing his confidence with the rock should have a noticeable effect on his offense. I find myself most frustrated when JB awkwardly...
  13. MarkBT

    Celtics in 18-19

    As many have stated, whether its made this summer, in season, or next summer, a fundamental decision Ainge has to make is whether to keep Smart or Rozier (or neither). Seems impossible to keep both beyond 2019. All year, I've been on team Rozier, felt vindicated when Irving went down, even...
  14. MarkBT

    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

    The Ringer's recent "Rewatchables" podcast had an interesting Simmons nugget related to the title of this thread. Simmons, Chris Ryan, and Sean Fennessey were dissecting "The Social Network" and reflecting on the morals/ethics of Zuckerberg 'stealing' the Harvard Connection website idea...
  15. MarkBT

    Jaylen or Tatum?

    Zach Lowe had Bill Simmons on his podcast this week to discuss the Celtics. Toward the end of the conversation, they were discussing hypothetical trades and agreed that with the exception of Giannis and Anthony Davis, Tatum is untouchable in trade proposals... and that Brown was trending that...
  16. MarkBT

    Hayward's Injury

    That was a fun read - thanks for sharing. Seems like Celtics/Hayward are in great 'place' with the recovery process, and taking every effort to make sure Hayward returns if and when he is truly ready.
  17. MarkBT

    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

    Agree. I'm not listening for any real "insight" into the NFL, but the two of them together are entertaining. I laughed each time Francesa said YUGE ("It's gonna be a YUGE year for coach change.... I took my son to see the Knicks against OKC cause he's a YUGE fan of Westbrook), because I knew...
  18. MarkBT

    2017-18 NBA Regular Season Game/Observation Thread

    I saw Jay King post this idea on Twitter, but I'll share here. Fizdale's firing and the other rumblings around Memphis (Marc Gasol trade) are making that 2019-2021 draft pick more intriguing.
  19. MarkBT

    The 16 Most Important People in the Patriots' Dynasty

    Co-sign. Listening to first half of it on the treadmill, and had to hold back laughter a few times. Hench, in particular, had some great one-liners [while discussing the 2014 AFC Divisional comeback vs Ravens] "By the way, Terrell Suggs must be enjoying this podcast."