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  1. Morgan's Magic Snowplow

    Levy's Lament: The 2019 Summer Transfer Window Thread

    From what I've seen, AWB is a monster defensive player - good positioning and truly special quickness and tackling ability to shut down good wing players in space. But I'm not convinced that he's all that good going forward. Maybe I just haven't seen him enough.
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    Tennis 2019: Plus ça change...

    This is the big X factor in my opinion. The big three are simply amazing but the dearth of younger challengers has really helped extend their run. But the two you mention plus Zverev all seem to have legitimate shots to take the next step in their careers and pose real challenges to the big...
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    Tottenham 2019/20: CL Finalists don't need snappy titles

    My guess is that if a switch to Real happens, it happens very late in the window. Real has spent a lot of money already and will spend even more once the deals for Mendy and Hazard (one assumes) become finalized. Their modus operandi is to try and extract these last-year-contract players on...
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    Celebrating What Is

    Dogshit is pretty harsh regarding the Atlanta game. GB fell behind 24-0 in the first half largely because their defense gave up 312 yards and 24 points on only five Falcons drives, none of which started with short fields, and on offense they missed an easy FG and some scrub fumbled on the ATL...
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    Celebrating What Is

    That is a valid point. Getting through the NFC was very tough in those years.
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    Celebrating What Is

    I know you're not defending Francesca but I always hate it when people like him make this point without acknowledging that Montana played in an era during which the quality of the two conferences was historically lopsided, to the point that basically every NFC quarterback lit up his opponent in...
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    More Impressive Stretch During Brady/BB Era?

    It has to be #2 at this point. Maintaining excellence is just so hard in the NFL. The eight straight (and counting) AFCCG experiences really stands out as an amazing feat that will probably never be replicated. Its like Federer's streak of 23 straight GS semi-finals - a record in many ways...
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    2019 Patriots Roster Thread

    Insightful analysis, as always. One quibble: I think Thomas stands a good chance of returning to action earlier. I don't know anything about the specifics of this injury, but when he tore his Achilles earlier in his career it was about 6.5 months before he returned to practice and then start...
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    The WR Corps

    I'm less optimistic about this group, unless its bolstered by a Gronk midseason comeback. We shouldn't underestimate how much Gronk meant as a second guy, along with Jules, in the WR/TE grouping who could win against man coverage somewhat regularly.* Without that second guy it just becomes too...
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    2019 NFL Draft Rounds 2 & 3 Game Thread - No Spoilers

    Kinda shocked that Jerry Jones didn't just pick Metcalf because reasons.
  11. Morgan's Magic Snowplow

    2019 NFL Draft Rounds 2 & 3 Game Thread - No Spoilers

    Gilmore will have over $15M dead cap that year so the Pats aren't going to have a lot of choice about eating that $19M cap number.
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    2019 NFL Draft Rounds 2 & 3 Game Thread - No Spoilers

    Interesting that Deebo Samuel is the only WR or TE to go so far. Not nearly as much love around the league for AJ Brown or DK Metcalf as most draftniks thought.
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    Nobody knows who he is or what he does. Not even him. #45, Joejuan Williams, DB, Vanderbilt

    Do you see him as a guy that can cover TEs in addition to playing on the outside? I can get excited about that. JC Jackson pretty clearly isn't that guy - good on the outside but lacking the quickness to handle coverage in the middle of the field.
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    2019 NFL Draft Rounds 2 & 3 Game Thread - No Spoilers

    You can never have too many good DBs. I’m not so hot on paying a third to move up and get him given the number of needs we have. But let’s see how the other picks shake out.
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    2019 NFL Draft Rounds 2 & 3 Game Thread - No Spoilers

    Yup, it seems like they're right where they want to be. Time to execute.
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    2019 NFL Draft Rounds 2 & 3 Game Thread - No Spoilers

    I'd love to see them come out of the second with an OT and a defensive lineman, either inside or on the edge. It feels like those positions are getting kind of thin, especially in terms of guys that might plausibly help in 2019 (not as starters, but just as backups or rotational players that...
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    The Rosen Thread

    Agreed, if they can get him for a third then its a flyer well worth taking. I'm kind of unsure whether Steve Keim would do that or just keep him at that point. He seems like the kind of guy who might rather come up with some convoluted reason for keeping Rosen than trade him for a third and...
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    2019 NFL Draft Rounds 2 & 3 Game Thread - No Spoilers

    I don't know whether it'll be via a draft pick or trade (like last year) but I'd be surprised if the Patriots don't come out of today with an OT. Right now their third tackle is Cole Croston (12 career snaps) and their starting LT is a guy who has never played in the league and is coming off a...