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  1. cannonball 1729

    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

  2. cannonball 1729

    4/24 Reverse Jinx Day

    Sneak preview of the Sox locker room after tonight's game:
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    Would you accept a Last Place Finish as "Payment" for a World Series Championship?

    Ironically enough, Simmons doesn't either - he later wrote that he regretted and disagreed with that rule:
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    College Basketball Coaching Carousel

    Didn't see this posted, but Wofford's Mike Young went to Virginia Tech last week. This was Young's big chance to make a jump, since his stock will likely never be higher, and he grew up near Virginia Tech, so this is a great move for him. (Plus, it likely multiplies his salary by about 10.)...
  5. cannonball 1729

    Rosenthal: Sale extension 5 years, $145 million

    Averaged over all five years.
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    NCAA Tournament Thursday Game Thread

    *Raises hand* Although that's an easier decision when they let you play in the pep band on the floor.
  7. cannonball 1729

    The ‘18-‘19 Kings/Grizzlies/Clippers: Tracking the Picks

    I'm assuming amfox is taking "convey" to mean "will be conveyed to a team that is not the original owner." That pick won't convey to Memphis - it'll stay in Boston.
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    2018 Mathematical Eliminatory

    Well, thanks! I appreciate it. I'm always glad that my writings find a receptive audience here.
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    2018 Mathematical Eliminatory

    Ah - just saw this question. Someone asked me about that last year as well, and I'd generally shied away from it for two reasons: 1.) Eliminated teams are far more interesting to me because there are so many ways that a season can go wrong but only a few ways a season can go right. 2.) A...
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    Angels are opting out of stadium lease

    They went through a very major renovation in 1998, so while it's technically the fourth oldest, it's functionally a 20-year-old stadium.
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    Who has seen a triple play?

    Unrelatedly, my favorite triple play that I ever saw "live" on TV was the Randy Velarde unassisted triple play against the Yankees the day after the infamous Pedro-Clemens duel. Not just because I'd suffered through a night of Yankee fans at the game the night before...but the whole mythos...
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    Who has seen a triple play?

    I've seen two live - I was at the John Valentin unassisted one in 1994, and the around-the-horn one against Tampa Bay in 2011. I remember that after the Valentin one, I and the rest of the section were very confused - we all kind of thought it was a double-play, then watched in confusion as the...
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    AL Wild Card Thread - Athletics @ Yankees

    Oh, damn - you're right. Of course they knocked out the Minnesota Twins, which almost feels like cheating.
  14. cannonball 1729

    AL Wild Card Thread - Athletics @ Yankees

    Let's put it this way: the last team that the Twins successfully eliminated from the playoffs....was the A's in 2002.
  15. cannonball 1729

    AL Wild Card Thread - Athletics @ Yankees

    On the verge of losing 8 straight winner-take-all games and 14 straight games where a win would have knocked an opponent out of the playoffs. The last time they knocked a team out of the postseason was the game when Roger Clemens was ejected in the second inning for complaining about a...
  16. cannonball 1729

    AL Wild Card Thread - Athletics @ Yankees

    No, no...we definitely weren't trying to seat you at the kids' table! We just happened to run out of regular-sized chairs.
  17. cannonball 1729

    AL Wild Card Thread - Athletics @ Yankees

    Fun fact: A's have lost their last seven winner-take-all games. And they're 0-13 since 2000 in games where a win would have eliminated the opponent.
  18. cannonball 1729

    2018 Offseason Front office firings thread (Duquette fired)

    Huh. Turns out you can't turn a playoff team into a 115-loss team and keep your job as GM.