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    Danny Ainge suffered mild heart attack

    I thought he did-around 2009-2010 I thought he had another "mild" heart attack. Thankfully, I havent had much experience with heart attacks in my family. Is there really such a thing as a "mild" heart attack?
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    Re-setting the AFC

    I think this is a pretty good breakout. I agree Jets are high, Tenn is low. Titans have the same problem as the Jags-a good to very good defense, but a putrid offense. If either of them gets their offense figured out they could jump into the "Contenders" bracket pretty quickly.
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    Each Franchise's All-Time Best Team

    As much of a homer as i am for the Celtics, the Lakers team is nuts G: Magic, Kobe, West, Scott F: Worthy, Cooper, Elgin Baylor, Pau Gasol, LeBron* C: Kareem, Shaq, Wilt Yikes *even without LeBron.
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    Each Franchise's All-Time Best Team

    I actually thought Seattle was pretty good, but I agree they are weak up front. I'd probably go with Dennis Johnson and Gus Williams as the guards off the bench, and maybe add in Ibaka for some defense.
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    Each Franchise's All-Time Best Team

    However many you would like. We are not fussy.
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    Each Franchise's All-Time Best Team

    We did this a few years ago, old thread is here Thought it might be good to revisit given all the player movement and young talent that has come into the league over the last few years. Some...
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    Baseball Is Broken (off the field/labor relations etc.)

    I wouldnt give the top pick to the 20th best team-I'd give it to the team (s) that just miss the playoffs. So say teams 11-15. Then go to the reverse order of record. Reward the teams that are trying but just miss out.
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    Jerod Mayo new Patriots linebackers coach

    I've never heard BB talk about a player the way he talked about Mayo after one of the playoff wins a few years ago. At one of the post-game press conferences (may have even been the next day) someone asked about Mayo being on the sidelines during the game (Mayo had gone on IR earlier in the...
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    Weird Facebook glitch

    Yes, although it seems to have cleared up over the last couple of days. I found that hitting reload/refresh on the browser a few times would bring up the news feed.
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    Assume you're a Free agent...

    Top 5 Padres Dodgers Angels Marlins Seattle Bottom 5 Kansas City (by far my last choice) Minnesota Detroit Milwaukee Chicago I've spent my entire life in the 617, without exception. I think the cold is finally getting to me, that my first thought was "somewhere warm."
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    Tom Seaver diagnosed with dementia

    Announced that he will retire from public life. One of the all time greats, even if he did play for the Mets. I wish his Red Sox tenure had a happier ending.
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    College Football - General Discussion

    Wisconsin QB Alex Hornibrook is transferring. Article says he graduates in May, so he should be immediately eligible. Talent-wise, he may not be on the level of a...
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    2/27 vs PORTLAND - I'm not gonna watch

    That play at the end of the 3rd was brutal. Smart chasing Lillard, no one even gives a thought about trying to stop the ball and its too late, and Al is moving the wrong way when he tries to slide over.
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    That'd be up the butt, Bob - Kraft Charged with Soliciting.

    Ernie Adams, playing the longest of games:
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    The ‘18-‘19 Kings/Grizzlies/Clippers: Tracking the Picks

    The NBA has to be pretty unhappy about how this is working out, no? Tanking to get a high draft pick/better lottery position is one thing, but here doesn't the tanking effectively erase the compensation owed by the Clippers to the Celtics, as long as the Clips finish in the lottery this year...
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    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    You are correct. Teams cannot trade picks more than seven years out. So they could not do every other year for the next 10 years. There is a quirk to the Stepien Rule that I am surprised no one has exploited yet. It applies only to "future" first round picks. Once a draft has passed...
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    The Nation's Tears: Volume III

    This is maybe my favorite part of the Spygate wikipedia page Gee, who do you think edited that piece in? I would have liked to respond to that filing as opposing counsel Hugh G. Rection.
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    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    Is Lonzo unmovable at this point? Even if a team thought he had potential aren’t they going to ask for a steep premium to bring the circus to town?