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  1. Number45forever

    4/29 F’in A’s!!!

    This season hasn't been anything that a 15-20 game winning streak wouldn't cure. May as well start tonight.
  2. Number45forever

    4/23 Detroit Take II.

    When was the last time JBJ did anything but hit a ground ball to 2B or 1B? Cannot believe I watched that stupid game last night.
  3. Number45forever

    The Tiger Thread

    He'd be #1 right now if he'd played enough events. They divide world ranking points (accumulated over two years) by tournaments played with 40 as the minimum divisor. He's not played close to 40 events the last two years, but they still use 40 as the divisor. If he'd accumulated points at the...
  4. Number45forever

    4/15- Day baseball; too early to be clever

    Up and down the roster, the players who led the team last year have considerably underperformed so far this year. The players need to play better and it's going to be on the existing team to do that because wholesale changes aren't coming. Just play better, everyone. Until then, they'll...
  5. Number45forever

    2019 Masters

    Tiger was first in shots gained: approach during the Masters. He's still, by far, the best iron player in the world. He's been right up there in that stat virtually every tournament for the last year. When he pairs that with a good driving week and a decent putting week, he can absolutely win...
  6. Number45forever

    2018 Tom M-F&^%$ing Brady: Still Proving It

    Just an A+ reply by the Pats' twitter account, have to give credit where it's due.
  7. Number45forever

    Schiano out at Patriots DC

    They still have Belichick, right? My official stance on this is, who gives a fuck. It'll be fine. Now back to hunting for WRs and TEs.
  8. Number45forever

    3/28 - Sale Day + Opening Day

    Baseball!!! Opening Day is good day. Can't go 162-0 with a loss tonight, so let's win.
  9. Number45forever

    Gronk announces his retirement

    I'm really going to miss watching him play football. End of an era. As much fun as it would be for him to come back at some point, he's been through so many injuries. Fine with me if he just goes out like this as a champion.
  10. Number45forever

    Sox at NYY, on NESN +, mlbn, and Ch. 25; 1 PM

    yada yada yada, spring training means nothing, but this team has been hot garbage. Last spring, they looked pretty damn good. Just wouldn't be surprised by a very slow start this season. It happens, I bet they treat the start of the season as an extended spring given the deep run into October...
  11. Number45forever

    Nick Cafardo dies at 62

    He was on the Pats beat back when I was in college. Sent him an email about a column he wrote and he responded. I was in a journalism class and considering journalism as a major. We had a couple mails back and forth, which he definitely didn't need to do. 62 is way too young, sucks.
  12. Number45forever

    Tom Brady: Support and Bankability

    Tom Brady is the best athlete I'll ever root for. He seems like a genuinely kind and hard-working guy who is universally adored by his teammates and coaches, i.e. people who actually know him. There is nothing short of a full Schilling (and no one should ever go full Schilling) that will ever...
  13. Number45forever

    SB53: We Need Links Thread!

    Going to need the link to any of the Inside the NFL videos. I don't get Showtime. Belichick miked up?! Yes. ALL OF IT.
  14. Number45forever

    2019 Golf Thread

    The stigma against push carts needs to fucking die. They're used religiously around the golfing world outside the US and were absolutely everywhere in Scotland when I was there last year (humble brag). I love using mine because carrying clubs sucks. Having drinks loaded up in the bag being...
  15. Number45forever

    WR depth chart post Flash's fizzle...

    For one, I hope this means James White's vacation is over. He needs 15 touches a game again. Dorsett looked pretty good earlier this season. I'm sure he and Hogan will be much more involved now. Losing Gordon hurts, but this is not crippling. Really hurts depth though, the rest of the WRs...
  16. Number45forever

    No NESN Red Sox DVD this year.

    This sucks. I'm of the camp that the NESN produced versions have been better than the MLB versions for all three previous titles. Was really looking forward to adding the fourth. Sucks the MLB one is so focused on the World Series; this was a really fun regular season. Honestly not even sure...
  17. Number45forever

    Following Former Red Sox 2018

    I'll always think Youk would've played 2-3 more years at a very high level if he was left on 1B and they'd just re-signed Beltre to keep playing 3B. Would have been a very different set of circumstances that unfolded to the present day if they went in that direction. Beltre was so fun, and so...
  18. Number45forever

    The Game Ball Thread: Week 8 at Buffalo

    Had to work at 8am yesterday after watching the World Series. With beers. So, went to bed last night at 8:30 or so, DVRd this game, and woke up at 5 to speed through it. Brilliant move. What a fucking disgrace ESPN's coverage was, so they do not get a game ball. Despite Buffalo's offense...
  19. Number45forever

    Following Former Red Sox 2018

    Jacoby Ellsbury's new team got eliminated from the playoffs last night.
  20. Number45forever

    The Game Ball Thread: Week 5 vs Colts

    This offense is going to be fucking great if the current crew stays healthy. That was mid-50s for points without those two horrific bobbled catch INTs. So much fun to watch that game and see TB12 put on another clinic. Buckle up, going to be a fun rest of the season. KC: you're next. Game...