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  1. jacklamabe65

    Thank You, Hondo

    I was a season-ticket holder in the '70s, and had the honor of watching John play with all of his heart in person on many, many occasions. I always laugh when those who never saw Russ or "Jarring John" play invariably put Larry on top of the C's Everest. Those three immortals would be sharing...
  2. jacklamabe65

    The Alex Cora Difference

    I almost don't worry who will play out their free agency with this man at the helm. Seriously.
  3. jacklamabe65

    That'd be up the butt, Bob - Kraft Charged with Soliciting.

    I wonder if Dick Palmer originally went by the name of Dershowitz?
  4. jacklamabe65

    Nick Cafardo dies at 62

    From a SoSH perspective, Nick was one of the members of the Boston press who pushed our original Win it For thread back in 2004. He emailed me several times during that momentous two-week period, and we maintained a friendly exchange ever since. Nick was so thrilled that the thread was inducted...
  5. jacklamabe65

    Wow! Ned Martin talked about it for years!

    Wow! Ned Martin talked about it for years!
  6. jacklamabe65

    Pat Patriot injured?

    That's assault, pure and simple.
  7. jacklamabe65

    Kareem Hunt - channeling his inner Ray Rice

    Chiefs release RB Kareem Hunt:
  8. jacklamabe65

    Yankees acquire James Paxton for Justus Sheffield and two lower prospects

    Red Sox Stats‏ @redsoxstats 16m16 minutes ago Paxton ranked in the bottom 2% of MLB pitcher in Barrel % and Hard Hit Rate, and bottom 4% in Exit Velocity allowed. Lots of rockets to be had between strikeouts. No problem.
  9. jacklamabe65

    To all who are Boston sports fans. Can you go to the grave with this success or do you want more?

    Pats fan for 36 years. They win it. I only wanted 1. They win 4 more. Fuck it. I want another 4. Sox fan for 39 years. They win it. I only wanted 1. They win 3 more. Fuck it. I want at least another 4. Life is good.
  10. jacklamabe65

    Sox re-sign Steve Pearce

    This made my happyrometer go sky-high.
  11. jacklamabe65

    714 Homers Behind Hank Aaron

    First pitch - slider. On the gun at 88 when I was 20. I was a Jamie Moyer-wannabe.
  12. jacklamabe65

    714 Homers Behind Hank Aaron

    That's great, Mate!
  13. jacklamabe65

    714 Homers Behind Hank Aaron

    I should have put Gerry Murphy - my old teacher's - retort when I came back to the bench after hitting the home run. "Earl Wilson would have hit it farther!"
  14. jacklamabe65

    714 Homers Behind Hank Aaron

    That I am! Thanks, my man!
  15. jacklamabe65

    714 Homers Behind Hank Aaron

    The Sons of Sam Horn: 35 years ago, I pitched for the Cobham (UK) Yankees in the British Baseball League. On a remote “pitch” overlooking a historic church, our team was playing the London Knights one afternoon when the Commissioner of Baseball, Bowie Kuhn, showed up with his wife. This surreal...
  16. jacklamabe65

    Remembering Jack Lamabe

    Jack talked more about that than almost anything with me! He'd chuckle and say, "I've told you about when I hit my only big league homer into the screen, right?" It became an inside joke for us. Later on, in 1983, when I hit a home run as a pitcher in the British Baseball League, I called him...
  17. jacklamabe65

    Remembering Jack Lamabe

    I took this picture of Coach Lamabe and The Thumper when he came to visit us in 1975. Check out Coach's shorts.
  18. jacklamabe65

    Remembering Jack Lamabe

    I was not surprised that there's no sign of Pinky Higgins anywhere here in heaven.
  19. jacklamabe65

    Raise a glass to John Henry

    From the original "Win it For" thread, October 27, 2004: “There was a point during this season that was very, very tough. But I came here, Shaun, and read your Bandwagon thread, and was uplifted by the depth and breadth of your faith. It was at the time the best thing we were reading anywhere...
  20. jacklamabe65

    Remembering Jack Lamabe

    I should have thought of that! Sorry!