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  1. streeter88

    David Ortiz in Hospital with Gunshot Wound?

    Even further off topic, but amazing how a nice story is soured by a regional reporter piling on to a national agenda that seems less relevant with the passage of time.
  2. streeter88

    2019 Broncos Changes

    J-man, you have CLE moving up and KC moving down. Can you give us a bit of color?
  3. streeter88

    2019 Patriots: Post-SB Roster Thread

    Careful read of Humphries’ quote suggests he wants to be “the man” in the slot too. That would not be possible here with Edelman. And he is from South Carolina, maybe was looking to get back nearer to home.
  4. streeter88

    Rank Brady's postseason losses by pain and regret

    This ranking is perfect. But I hated the 2017 SB a bit extra because it was the first one I purposefully took the day off work to watch it ( in Australia SB is on at 10 am Monday) and made the mistake of going to a Philly dominated SB party. Worse I had food poisoning the night before so...
  5. streeter88

    20% of the way there: How many games will this team win?

    Not quite good enough to make the playoffs is my view, but they will compete. At this point nothing has united them yet, and they are blowing games due to errors and inability to get the timely hit. Today's 9th inning walk off surrendered was the second in a week, and both losses were at least...
  6. streeter88

    Chase Winovich: Foxboro Fabio

    Mark Schofield @mascho with another excellent Locked on Patriots podcast on Thursday, where he argued that Chase Winovich could be a full down player in the NFL. Said he had excellent hands, and excellent pass rush plan and mental approach (swim to the inside and dip and rip to the outside)...
  7. streeter88

    Thank you, Malcolm Mitchell

    Key contributor down the stretch in 2016 and in the greatest comeback of all time. Thank you Malcolm!
  8. streeter88

    2019 Gronk Watch: NFL? WWE? PG13?

    What exactly is a “hot yoga class”? Bikram? Beautiful people? In demand? What? Hilarious that he was “super stiff.” On a serious note, hope his thigh is all healed from the SB.
  9. streeter88

    Boston SportsDoc Injury Blog Thread

    Hey DRS, it's a month since SBLIII; any news on whether Brady has had work done on his knee?
  10. streeter88

    Celebrating What Is

    So funny, and so wrong at the same time.
  11. streeter88

    The Game Ball Thread: SB vs Rams

    And the others as well. He was 1-12 to Hogan, White and Michel. One of Michel’s was a drop I think, but White got a few pass attempts which clearly seemed aborted as maybe the play wasn’t going to work. To Edelman, Gronk, Cordarrelle and Burkhead he was 20-23 for all but 5 of his total yardage.
  12. streeter88

    The Game Ball Thread: SB vs Rams

    Could it be that they just weren't getting separation and therefore he had to lead them to avoid the pick, so it didn't look like he was very accurate when he was targeting the complementary receivers? My recollection is that Hogan was almost never open for example.
  13. streeter88

    Who Retires First: Brady or Belichick?

    Where's the "like" button when you need it??? I think simplyeric is fully correct - that BB and Brady are both playing for world domination, and that Brady is really playing to continue to prove wrong all those folks who doubted him in college and in the NFL draft. I obviously have no first...
  14. streeter88

    The Nation's Tears: Volume III

    Would be great to get numbers - or at least first hand estimates - on the crowd split last night at the game...
  15. streeter88

    The Game Ball Thread: SB vs Rams

    “Can I get a follow on Insta Bro?” Timing. That’s his unique skill.
  16. streeter88

    Patriots fans, Yankees fans, and always being greedy for more

    Wait what? I hope this isn't the last Super Bowl that Brady is in. He's playing until he's 45 right? I hope that means at least 1 more...
  17. streeter88

    SB53: Prediction Thread

    1) Who wins and what is score? Pats 42-27 2) Who wins MVP? Brady 3) Which team scores first? Which player? Patriots, Sony Michel - 4 yard run 4) How many yards/TDs/INTs for Brady? 358/2/0 5) How many yards/TDs/INTs for Goff? 293/2/2 6) Who has most rushing yards for Pats? How many? Michel...
  18. streeter88

    SoSH NFL Playoff Predictions 2019

    WTF with the "double doink"??? Screwed 74% of us with one bad bounce.
  19. streeter88

    2019 NFL Playoff Game Thread - WC Round

    Penalties did not look even in the first half. Then again, the teams didn’t either.