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  1. heavyde050

    Byerie Irving? Do you want Kyrie back?

    For the bolded - I think (and I am probably wrong) that Kyrie thought he had an easy path to the Finals and he would be seen as the #1 reason for a team to be a title contender. C's underperformed (at least in part due to Kyrie) and he is jumping ship. He has that right, and I wish him the...
  2. heavyde050

    June MLB game thread

    That catch was insane. Don't look now, the Giants have won four in a row. They probably shouldn't just give MadBum away (only b/c they are already stuck with awful contracts for Cueto, JS, Longoria, and MM).
  3. heavyde050

    2019 PGA Tour $ League Results Thread

    Who won last week? I thought I had a chance.
  4. heavyde050

    2019 MLB Draft - Red Sox tracker

    Sign me up for that.
  5. heavyde050

    2019 MLB Draft - Red Sox tracker

    Like. I just wish the Sox would draft some higher ceiling guys.
  6. heavyde050

    6/2 Sunday @ NYY

    Just wow Barnes.
  7. heavyde050

    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    The Raptors are playing really well. Some great ball movement.
  8. heavyde050

    RIP Bill Buckner

    RIP Bill Buckner. I was really young in 1986, but my Dad steadfastly reminds me that the Sox probably don't make the World Series without Bill.
  9. heavyde050

    SF Giants -- a modern-day catastrophe

    As an individual that will probably go to another 10 plus games at Oracle Park this year, I hope to see Mike solve the Giants' LF issues.
  10. heavyde050

    SF Giants -- a modern-day catastrophe

    And Yaz's grandson gets his first ML hit, and he is promptly thrown out trying to get back to first base after he rounded and headed for second base. Or said another way - the 2019 Giants.
  11. heavyde050

    5/25 - Game On

    Yes. You are right.
  12. heavyde050

    5/25 - Game On

    Just a really poor effort by Pearce
  13. heavyde050

    5/25 - Game On

    Blown save for Osuna - couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.
  14. heavyde050

    5/25 - Game On

    Xander almost saved that.
  15. heavyde050

    5/25 - Game On

    I was at the SF Giants game today, and that third out may have been the worst baseball I saw today.
  16. heavyde050

    5/25 - Game On

    That is just absolutely awful baserunning.
  17. heavyde050

    5/8 - Dead Ass Team

    Yeah, I meant from a Celtics' point-of-view. But thanks for the great reminder of a real Celtics team.
  18. heavyde050

    5/8 - Dead Ass Team

    Man, that may be one of the worst elimination games I can remember. Just a poor effort from the coaching and the players. Just wow.
  19. heavyde050

    Jarrett Stidham Rd4 Pick 133

    I don’t really remember, but I am fairly sure that no one said that Jimmy G would end up the highest paid QB in the league (albeit for a very short time) when he was drafted. Let’s see what Stidham can learn from Brady and McD (and BB). I mean Jimmy went from a late 2nd round pick from a super...
  20. heavyde050

    2019 NFL Draft Rounds 2 & 3 Game Thread - No Spoilers

    Good to know. Still would like to get even more as I can’t imagine using all the picks tomorrow.