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  1. grimshaw

    MLB Playoff start times and its declining viewership

    As mentioned, all limiting replay will do in a playoff game is increase arguments which is going to negate a good chunk of that time devoted to getting it right. If you want to revisit scaling it back, do it during the regular season. If they have to increase those lame in game commercials...
  2. grimshaw

    2018-19 Offseason Thread

    This offseason should focus on them trying getting younger which will be extremely hard since they still lack trade chips for cost controlled players I'm fine with a lesser bridge year like they have done in the past. -I'd let Kimbrel walk. There are too many internal guys I'd rather keep...
  3. grimshaw

    World Series 2018--Red Sox vs. Dodgers

    Buehler is a stud. I have no interest in seeing him in a potential game 6. Hill doesn't typically go very deep in games (though better this year than last year) so I wouldn't be surprised if they were in the Dodgers pen by the 5th. I like our pen better at this point with Baez and Jansen a...
  4. grimshaw

    Let's just take a moment, here.

    This team has been pure bliss all season from start to finish. The closest of the 4 IMO since '04 was the 2013 team who were drama free all year and hit all the right buttons - except this one stomped on a fantasic MFY team and contributed heavily to Showalter's sacking. Basically if this team...
  5. grimshaw

    World Series 2018--Red Sox vs. Dodgers

    A big chunk is because of adding Machado and a healthy Turner. They basically only neutralize Bellinger, Puig, Dozier (who has been self-neutralizing all year) and Pederson. Pederson wouldn't start vs them anyhow. Everyone else hits lefties better than average. The fan boy in me wants to see...
  6. grimshaw

    Rebirth of a Sale, man

    Ya, I have no interest in seeing E-Rod vs that lefty mashing lineup especially with the way he has been pitching. They could not have drawn two worse opponents for E-Rod to make a series difference, even situationally. Now if they advance to the WS . . .
  7. grimshaw

    Red Sox re-sign Mitch Moreland for 2 years, 13 M

    Mitch Moreland has basically been Mitch Moreland this year. .244/.320/.434 wRC+ 99 vs a career.251/.318/.439 wRC+98. I didn't like the signing at the time but he has been better than the other low tier off season options like Morrison, Duda and Alonso. He solidified the position when Hanley...
  8. grimshaw

    September Call-ups

    Since always? The Red Sox badly need relievers. I don't believe most teams expand to the full 40 either. I think the Sox are usually around the low 30's. Not a big deal, but he seems like the most redundant option since they already have a platoon as well as Swihart. Lin and Holt can both...
  9. grimshaw

    September Call-ups

    Not sure why they need Travis up unless he's there to spell Beni in left down the stretch.
  10. grimshaw

    Are you worried about the Red Sox?

    You can think they are awesome and like their chances in the playoffs, but that doesn't change the fact that the Yankees went from a remote chance of winning the division to a plausible one given the remaining schedule and head to head meetings. That doesn't take anything away from the Red Sox...
  11. grimshaw

    Price is right

    I respect you as a thoughtful poster and don't think you are a fanboy. That said I've been posting long enough where I should get some benefit of the doubt too. I thought you would come back with someone so I could see where you were coming from. Whatever though. Go Sox.
  12. grimshaw

    Price is right

    That's not at all where I was going with this. I'm not even completely sure what you thought I was inferring, but I can assure you it isn't in the same galaxy. I didn't enjoy Jonathan Papelbon because I thought he came across as a buffoon and he took an interminable time in between pitches...
  13. grimshaw

    Price is right

    Are there any players you haven't enjoyed following from one of the local 4 teams? Other than for legal reasons? If so, why? I'm not sure we're going to get anywhere otherwise.
  14. grimshaw

    Price is right

    I'm not commenting on whether he does his job well or not, I'm saying he can probably do it without being a dick regardless of how the media treats him. Jonny Miller isn't an EEI blowhard. I root for the uniform but I wish he'd make it easier.
  15. grimshaw

    The Legend of Xander

    I'm sure Scott Boras would be happy to accommodate any reasonable request to lower his clients value. If the Sox tried to move him to 3rd entering free agency he'd probably peace out. Internally the only guy who could threaten his position eventually is 17 years old - Antoni Flores. I don't...
  16. grimshaw

    Price is right

    I believe my comment is all inclusive. Even to my asshole uncle. And maybe Tom Verducci is an asshole too for all I know.
  17. grimshaw

    Baseball Is Broken (on the field, proposed rule changes, attendance, etc.)

    When I saw the headline I would have bet the farm that Goose Gossage would be quoted and he's the first guy mentioned.
  18. grimshaw

    Price is right

    ^ Yup This latest thing is whatever, but as a general rule, not being a dink to other people is not a difficult thing to do regardless of how many championships you have or haven't won. It's pretty much as simple as that to me. Why be an asshole when you can instead not be an asshole?
  19. grimshaw

    September call-ups

    Unless it's Rick Porcello in that situation, they are not going to pull Sale, Price, or Rodriguez for a LOOGY. It's a waste of a roster spot against any AL team.
  20. grimshaw

    September call-ups

    There aren't really that many. I mean are you really going to bring in Robby Scott who has been buried all year to face anyone in high leverage?