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    Who had the better career....?

    These guys are similar, but Schilling unquestionably picked it up a notch in the postseason again and again, giving him a clear edge IMO. 2.23 ERA in 133 innings, 2.06 ERA in 48 WS innings. He's tossed 2 shutouts in postseason play, including 1in the World Series. And he did a lot of it in his...
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    Are baseballs juiced?

    I thought this had been determined last season by the 538 and SB Nation article? The natural solution would be for pitchers to rediscover the inside of the plate and pitch on the corners? As Maddux & Glavine said, chicks dig the long ball. Who doesn't?
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    Yankees stop using Kate Smith version of God Bless America

    Exactly! It seems it was brought in after 9/11, and I'm guessing they stuck with it because tradition dictated it.
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    Would a lousy 2019 tarnish 2018 at all for you?

    It's annoying to watch this team play poorly, because I enjoy watching baseball every night...but I sleep pretty well. I have since 2004. 2018 was like watching season one of Heroes. 2019 so far is like watching the rest of Heroes. I'm hopeful they'll turn it around..and if they don't, it...
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    Yankees stop using Kate Smith version of God Bless America

    It is a terrible rendition anyway.
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    3/28 - Sale Day + Opening Day

    Its the moooost wonderful time of the yeeeeeaaarrrr!!!!
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    The 13th Annual Tommy John Surgery Contest

    Giancarlo Stanton
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    We can do better

    Any way to introduce new auctions closer to opening day? I'm assuming traffic here picks up quite a bit right before/after opening day. Might be a prime time to add new things that would lead to the existing threads being bumped hopefully.
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    268 Or Bust: Taking Aim At The Team HR Record Again

    I think it'll be a challenge for a few reasons: Didi Gregorius's numbers will not be replaced by Troy Tulowitzki. Is there another option that might pop 25+ HR? Aaron Judge's sophomore power outage(compared to his rookie year) will need to be corrected. Luke Volt will need to be the real deal...
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    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    It's a hassle when I want to just turn a game on my TV app. I have to VPN then stream from my laptop to my TV. They could just do us a favor and drop the charade.
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    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    I live in NYC. For Spring Training games, I can watch the MFY and Mets without issue(this is relevant because I watched Red Sox/MFY no problem the other day). Once the season starts, this ends. Does MLB look at ST as free period where blackouts don't matter? Blackouts are the dumbest thing...
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    Non-Streaming Alternatives to iTunes/iPod

    The financial numbers are dependent partly on ownership of the music, and distribution of money from labels if it's the labels that own the music. Who owns the music, who has writing credit, sample credits, etc. I won't pretend to understand the money breakdown, but for my favorite artists that...
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    WEEI to replace Tim Neverett with a rotating cast of characters such as Chris Berman

    Is Chris Berman the Bobby Valentine of baseball announcing? Must be close, right? Even one game, 1 inning, guest appearance is too many.
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    AUCTION ITEM: Manny will do your voice mail message

    $75. How does this work technically? If I win, how do I set his recording? Is that a dumb question? I love the idea!
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    What will we be talking about Monday morning?

    Truck Day is Monday, sooo...
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    Following Former Red Sox 2019

    Old Friend Aaron Sele joins the Cubs
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    Hall of Fame Ballot: 2019 Induction

    I go back and forth on the bigger/smaller hall of fame discussion, but I don't think Harold Baines will greatly alter anyone's visit to the Hall of Fame than Jim Rice does for non-Boston fans.
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    RedSox and Yankees will be in London next year on June 29-30.

    My wife was up at 5am on Monday, apparently Ticketmaster was such a cluster that the site crashed and by the time she could access tickets, most were gone and some were already on StubHub. We did luck out on Ticketmaster and got 4 tickets in the nosebleeds for the Sunday game.
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    Yankees acquire James Paxton for Justus Sheffield and two lower prospects

    Since Paxton has never thrown more than 160 innings(which would be more than any '18 Yankee not named Severino), I wonder if the Yankees will look to skip starts for him where necessary to ensure he's not wiped out by the time the postseason rolls around. If he looks at a full season plus the...