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  1. SMU_Sox

    Pats file tampering charges against Texans

    On mobile but PFT just tweeted the rumor is the Texans won’t hire a GM and Caserio’s contract expires next year. In terms of non coaches he’s part of the holy trinity: BB, Ernie, and Caserio. Really not looking forward to his seemingly inevitable departure. Also, side note, this feels like...
  2. SMU_Sox

    Pats file tampering charges against Texans

    Most of the pods I listen to with guys who are tapped in like Mike Lombardi, Matt Miller, and I know I’m missing another guy but all three have the same report. He is interested in the job.
  3. SMU_Sox

    Celebrating What Is

    I've rewatched it a few times now. I think without Hekker this would not have been close. Major hat tip @Super Nomario who wrote about this on ITP. Patriots had 22 first downs. Rams had 14 Patriots had 407 yards vs Rams 260. Patriots averaged 6.0 yards per play vs Rams paltry 4.3. Rushing...
  4. SMU_Sox

    Greatest play in Patriots History?

    I'm on the first page with why I think the Butler play is the greatest. Definitely in Patriots history. In terms of an in-game moment for NFL history? If it isn’t #1 I’m not sure what is. The kick to beat the Rams when they were double digit dogs as time expired is a great moment too. I would...
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    Decisions to be made

    Pats Pulpit has a pod where the two hosts compete to draft starting 22s just of Patriots from BBs time here. It’s incredible the amount of talent we have had here the past 20 years. It’s a fun listen and you go back memory lane revisiting the greats. My favorite stacked position is corner...
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    Decisions to be made

    He calls himself 7/11 on his twitter bio. I’m not really a confrontational person and this is subjective but @Ale Xander while Hogan was a very solid to good WR 2-3-4 depending on the game he wasn’t someone I’d count on in the clutch. In his later career he struggled with press from what I could...
  7. SMU_Sox

    Decisions to be made

    Chris Hogan compares himself to 7/11 because he’s always open. While that was somewhat true in years past this year he was more like Chick Fil A on Sundays.
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    Bill Belichick, Iowa State and the Future of Defensive Football

    @mascho is a must follow. It is amazing how to me how many great posters here have gone on to write and produce fantastic content. Quick edit: I am going to finally go to the Scouting Academy myself. If anyone is interested in joining up with me in the the Fall semester send me a PM.
  9. SMU_Sox

    More Impressive Stretch During Brady/BB Era?

    It's interesting to me which one is better. 2001-2010 would have been like Bill Walsh and his run, which I think we can all agree was one of the best 10 year stretches if not the best in history before BB (reminder it was easier to develop and keep players back then). But 2011-2018 has been a...
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    Rating the Pats' position groups

    Without any camps or practices it's hard to get more than a snapshot at this point with a ton of uncertainty. Here's my my May 17th take on it: I used .5's in here. If that makes me a bad person I apologize but maybe I am just projecting my anxiety. I figured a .5 would indicate potential...
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    Rank Brady's postseason losses by pain and regret

    So the way I see it is it’s so hard to win fucking 1 that all 6 of ours broke right. 2007 doesn’t even bother me anymore. You have this much consistent success you will inevitably have a ton of heartbreak but also hopefully a few trophies. With 6 and counting that’s one of the best outcomes I...
  12. SMU_Sox

    2019 Patriots: Post-SB Roster Thread

    Another big guy (HT The Athletic and Phil Perry) 6'2"+ 200+. He has the athletic testing and size to suggest he should be able to play inside and out. Keep loading up, Bill, one of these guys ought to be serviceable enough. Might even luck into 3-4 quality receivers this year.
  13. SMU_Sox

    New and Improved: The 2019 Draft Contest!

    Congratulations @Dollar! You had 4 correct Froholdt, Cowart, Beck and Meyers for 25 points. Did you have a specific place in mind or to the usual? 2019 NFL Draft Champion: Dollar. He was on the money. Waka waka.
  14. SMU_Sox

    N'Keal Harry WR Arizona State Rd1 Pk32

    This is a must-read. I think my biggest miss on the draft was N’Keal. All the clues were there: he fits what they are doing now. They went with a WR who excelled on the team who is physically similar to him even if their games are different in Josh Gordon. He is versatile and blocks well. As you...
  15. SMU_Sox

    AfterDraft ... Here come the FAs

    Develin factors to be a crucial piece of the 2019 offense. If Beck makes it it might be because he can backup blocking TE and FB and potentially have some untapped passing upside (good luck). We will have surprise cuts and with their current roster they will have camp battles at every single...
  16. SMU_Sox

    N'Keal Harry WR Arizona State Rd1 Pk32

    Mark Schofield's pod today is excellent - discusses his strengths, weaknesses, and how NE could use him. LockedonPatriots. I follow him on the daily but this is a truly exceptional edition. I would recommend you all check it out.
  17. SMU_Sox

    2019 Patriots Roster Thread

    Their conditional 7th hit with the Falcons and Richardson. Any return or potential return for him is nice even if it lets them select the UDFA they want like a Ken Webster or Keion Crossen.
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    Jimmy G to 49ers for 2nd round pick

    On mobile but The Athletic has it behind a pay wall, Jeff Howe I think or Nick Underhill are the writers. I love the Athletic. Think it is a fantastic read.
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    New and Improved: The 2019 Draft Contest!

    I think Dollar won the contest but a lot of us did very well. Congratulations everyone who entered! I think we as a board did pretty well on identifying who they might be interested in. Aside from the punter at least someone had each draft pick and kudos to Dave and Dollar for great UDFA picks...
  20. SMU_Sox

    Yodny Cajuste gets no Yespect

    When I want to evaluate the OL I go to two people, John Owning and Brandon Thorn. Both like him quite a bit. I’ve posted about him here but he was my favorite swing tackle. Some injury concerns and he is raw (played since senior year of HS) but he has a good ceiling and might be the heir...