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  1. Boggs26

    May MLB game thread

    He'd probably have to replicate his 2018 (18-6 3.32 ERA) in 19, 20, and possibly 21 to have a shot I would think. That would put him in the 225 - 235 win range with over 2500 Ks. In other words, I think he needs to pitch until he's around 40 and not fall off until the very end.
  2. Boggs26

    Baseball Is Broken (off the field/labor relations etc.)

    Do you think that Baltimore, CHW, KC, and Miami are incapable of staying in business if they sign players like Corbin, Machado, Harper, etc? What about the next tier down? Because the whole reason to tank is that in the current system the top couple picks cost enough less than FAs that the risk...
  3. Boggs26

    Baseball Is Broken (off the field/labor relations etc.)

    Someone mentioned it earlier, but if the goal is to stop intentional tanking, running the draft by giving the 1st pick to say the 20th best record, then 21st, 22nd, etc. Then after the worst team going to the 19th and running too the best team. In theory this would give the best pick to a team...
  4. Boggs26

    2019 Spring Training News

    Which strawman are we discussing? Because you claimed his contract was signed in a free market, but a free market - by definition - is one where multiple parties are free to make offers. Plympton's question regarding other teams offers is not a strawman, but a reminder that this is not a free...
  5. Boggs26

    2019 Spring Training News

    Not to get too far down this rabbit hole, but to say he has zero experience is really stretching reality. He actually has 5 years of experience during which he steadily progressed through more and more high level "jobs". Based on the results of those 5 years he is worth some amount of money in...
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    Baseball Is Broken (on the field, proposed rule changes, attendance, etc.)

    It could be amusing to watch a million breaking balls bounce in front of the plate the first couple weeks...
  7. Boggs26

    Is baseball headed for a strike in 2022?

    The more I read, the more I think an enforced salary floor is a big party of the answer. With a floor of 125M, nearly 1/3rd of the league would have needed to spend more money - some a lot more. That would almost certainly mean that some clubs would be in on FAs that they skipped on under the...
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    Is baseball headed for a strike in 2022?

    So perhaps a floor makes it more likely that a team like Oakland buys out Arb and FA earlier to meet the floor - which would have the effect of young players getting paid more and earlier. Someone like Matt Chapman - with 2 years left at minimum, then 3 Arb years - might become worth the risk...
  9. Boggs26

    Baseball Is Broken (on the field, proposed rule changes, attendance, etc.)

    How would widening the arc work? Would 1st - 2nd and 2nd - 3rd be more than 90 feet or would there be fair territory on the current foul sides of the basepaths? I see what your goal is, but that solution seems to cause more problems than it would be worth.
  10. Boggs26

    2018-19 Offseason News, Rumors, Trades

    This may be the best sports related euphemism for stupid I've ever seen (even though you used it literally) Yikes, *fill in announcer you hate* is only two players short of a starting outfield.
  11. Boggs26

    May The Best Team Win...

    So the next question in my mind is whether a team that goes 15-1 in an NFL season is actually dominant. Generally I think we would declare them a dominant team, what about 14-2 or 13-3? How many 15-1, 14-2, 13-3 sets of 16 MLB games were there last year? Just in the first 16 games of the season...
  12. Boggs26

    Red Sox accept White House invitation

    I find this argument interesting because it seems to leave no room for morals or norms. Do you believe that no one who identified as a republican 4 or 6 or 20 years ago has stopped identifying that way? Assuming you don't believe that, how do you reconcile it with your argument? If everything...
  13. Boggs26

    Red Sox accept White House invitation

    Also, do we not think that at least a couple of those guys are heavily Republican? Just statistically at least a couple are bound to be. That means the "political" stance that the Sox took in not inviting Schilling was a stance against overt racism, homophobia, and general bigotry. (Edit to add...
  14. Boggs26

    Non-tenders announced

    I'm pretty sure that the player would have to agree to sign with a new team, and therefore could hammer out whatever contact they are willing to sign.
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    2018-19 Offseason Thread

    Over the past 3 seasons, Kimbrel and Paxton have surprisingly similar WAR numbers - considering that Paxton has pitched 2-3 times the number of innings Kimbrel has, one could argue that Kimbrel is worth notably more than Paxton and was more valuable in the past 3 seasons. If the Sox could get...
  16. Boggs26

    MLB Playoff start times and its declining viewership

    How long were the between inning commercial breaks in the 70s and 80s? This year's playoff games have nearly an hour of commercials just between innings, certainly over an hour when pitching changes come into play. It seems like everyone wants to get the game down to the times of 20-30 years...
  17. Boggs26

    can we debate the kemp catch

    I'd like to make a motion that this play be henceforth known as Schrodinger's Catch.
  18. Boggs26

    All iPhone X, all the time

    The bigger issue that I've seen is that mini-jack headphones were (are except for iPhone) universal. That meant no need to carry a dongle in order to use them on a plane, at the library, on a computer at work or school, etc. I teach video production at a high school and suddenly a lot of my...
  19. Boggs26

    Joe West confiscates pitchers scouting report (9/2 update- Players allowed to use cheat sheets)

    Yes, and it includes nearly every stimulant, steroid, and masking agent known to man as well as a ban on anything included as a federal schedule I, II, or III drug, inclusive of anything added at any time during the agreement. Honestly, if a crazy powerful performance enhancing cocktail can be...
  20. Boggs26

    Joe West confiscates pitchers scouting report (9/2 update- Players allowed to use cheat sheets)

    No part of this is really extreme in terms of causing rule problems: All medical devices from insulin pumps to shin guards have to be okayed before have use, no way that bionics don't fall under that language. Glove with LEDs is clearly covered by rule 3.07(a) banning gloves with too many...