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  1. MillarTime

    2019 Draft

    Agreed. We’d have to throw every asset we have at NO and that still may not be enough. Your talking about 8 years of control of a potentially generational player...
  2. MillarTime

    5/6 vs. Bucks G4

    Kyrie has been an abomination
  3. MillarTime

    Gronk announces his retirement

    2nd favorite Patriot of all time. Happy for him to go on top.
  4. MillarTime

    Mike Trout: 10 years, $360 million

    Wow. [emoji102]Mookie[emoji102]
  5. MillarTime

    2018-19 College Hoops Game Thread

    Agreed...really really solid coach
  6. MillarTime

    2019 Draft

    Howard is just not a good enough athlete + has no NBA-level moves whatsoever. I might be biased but I LOVE Eric Paschal as a 2nd round flyer. Crazy athlete, great defender, can shoot.
  7. MillarTime

    2019 NFL News & Transactions

    This times a million
  8. MillarTime

    2019 NFL News & Transactions

    Wonder if Bennett #2 is coming
  9. MillarTime

    Better off with him? Or without him? The Kyrie Irving poll:

    He’s probably leaving on his own at this point any way, but after the way this season has gone, the thought of giving Kyrie $200m+ is downright frightening. Think they have to move on.
  10. MillarTime

    That'd be up the butt, Bob - Kraft Charged with Soliciting.

    JFC...probably time to step down/out of the spotlight and let Jonathan fully takeover.
  11. MillarTime

    Kyrie Irving: Hardwood Magician

    I’m beginning to sour...
  12. MillarTime

    Super Bowl LIII - We’re on to Los Angeles (again)

    Can we ever start these games well?