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    Mike'd Up: The Mike Francesa Show

    Rose did manage to get this on Tank's show without interruption:
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    6/1 Let's beat the Yankees

    Borderline strike three on Scut Farkus.
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    Thoughts about media types who don't have their own threads

    NY Mets pre and post game analyst Nelson Figueroa fired from SNY. He must have made some entrance coming to work Thursday morning:
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    2019 NY Jets: Why Are You Laughing at Us? (Jets Hire Adam Gase!)

    WFAN mid-morning hosts Joe & Evan announcing the firing and The Gace Ascension:
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    May 10 Seattle at Fenway Part 1

    In this instance, I could always listen to Doc Emrick. He's the exception on what passes for announcing in sports today.
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    Mike'd Up: The Mike Francesa Show

    There's no better interviewer of sports figures than Tank, and that includes everyone.
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    4/21 @ the Trop

    I've already seen this movie.
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    The Uniform

    Could someone please explain what were the virtues of wearing windbreakers underneath your uniform in the 60s/70s?
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    Boomer & Carton

    Carton facing sentencing today:
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    Tom Seaver diagnosed with dementia

    From the NY Post: “We’ve been in contact with the Seaver family and are aware of his health situation,” Mets COO Jeff Wilpon said in a statement. “Although he’s unable to attend the ’69 Anniversary, we are planning to honor him in special ways and have included his family in our plans. Our...
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    Rosenthal: Nathan Eovaldi in agreement with Red Sox

    I think Eovaldi's introduction on Opening Day will be the longest, loudest and most heartfelt this side of Number 45.
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    Better anthem choices than James Taylor

    Malea Emma. Since she lives in LA, I have no doubts she will sing the National Anthem before one of the WS games:
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    NESN - Is That All There Is?

    Who among us wouldn't watch something like Red Sox Classics? Clemens' 20K game against Seattle, pennant clinchers and the like. I would prefer that it would a bit different than Yankee Classics. Meaning, I don't define a classic as a Yankee win three days earlier by destroying Baltimore or...
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    The Magic Number

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    Brady wants to "divorce" Belichick

    As soon as I got to "an anonymous source said," I stopped reading this drivel in USA Today. I don't have time for "Hi, this is a friend" journalism.
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    The Magic Number

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    The Magic Number

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    The Magic Number

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    The Magic Number