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  1. Zomp

    UFC 2020

    I thought that was too quick of a stoppage.
  2. Zomp

    Matchday 10 Game Thread

    Can you link them? I see no credible stories coming out that the players are turning on Ten Haag. I’m not saying he isn’t to blame, but I do wonder what other teams would look like with all of their first choice defense injured. It’s been a brutal year so far.
  3. Zomp

    UFC 2020

    I thought Usman gave a solid performance considering the circumstances. Going up in weight on 2 weeks notice. Don’t think his stock has dropped at all. The Walker thing. I felt like he didn’t want to continue. His answer of the desert was fair enough but he couldn’t answer what round he was...
  4. Zomp

    UFC 2020

    That’s what I’m doing. Watching it with friends at 8pm tonight
  5. Zomp

    Week 9 - 10/21-22 - Gamethread Cross the Mersey

    Why is the upper stand behind the Everton goal empty? Construction?
  6. Zomp

    2023 Ryder Cup - When in Rome...

    I’d like to see the captains in 2 Ryder cup cycles but have them alternate when they start. Have the captain start with the home Ryder Cup and end with the away one. That way they are more seasoned and can maybe make better decisions.
  7. Zomp

    2023 Ryder Cup - When in Rome...

    Tbh I don’t think Rory was mad about him there in the line but after Rory asks him to move the clip makes it seem like he mutters something to Rory before turning and shooting his mouth of to someone else. That was a bit much for a caddy. If a player tells you to move from either team, you move...
  8. Zomp

    2023 Ryder Cup - When in Rome...

    I see a lot of people complaining in Twitter about the match scoreboard on the bottom right of the screen. I think it’s pretty easy to follow.
  9. Zomp

    2023 Ryder Cup - When in Rome...

    This is fun!
  10. Zomp

    GW 4 Game Thread: Sons of Duncan Ferguson Edinburgh Bash

    Yeah they are our 5th and 6th choice center backs. The injuries are very alarming but people blaming ETH for playing them are overreacting. I mean it’s United and overreaction comes with the territory but I didn’t think it was a bad game all things considered.
  11. Zomp

    GW3: 8/25-8/28 games: Reporting Live

    He swipes his legs out. If he didn’t he’s clear in on goal.
  12. Zomp

    Gameweek 2: 8/18 - 8/20 game thread

    United actually were better for XG but I agree. Rashford wasted up the middle and Garnacho is not ready to start. I’m not sure what he’s going to do with Mount. Casemiro seems on an island. Maybe everything gels better with Hojlund, and United did start slow last year, but so far they aren’t...
  13. Zomp

    Immaculate Footy - It's here!!!

    I think the lower the rarity score the better.
  14. Zomp

    GW1: It Begins Again

    I’m happy we have a keeper who will come out and challenge crosses. Needs to work on his timing though lol