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  1. rlcave3rd

    7/14/2023 Boston @ Chicago - This Train (Is Bound For Glory)

    I'm waiting for my man to come in and finish this game.
  2. rlcave3rd

    2023 Draft: Pick #83. High school SS Antonio Anderson.

    I don't know about "pitcherish", but I have read about guys having "pitchability".
  3. rlcave3rd

    5/1/2023 Toronto @ Boston

    Dugie Two-bags
  4. rlcave3rd

    5/1/2023 Toronto @ Boston

    A little help from the BABIP gods, I suppose.
  5. rlcave3rd

    5/1/2023 Toronto @ Boston

    Kluber was thinking, "He is hitting clean-up, so he must be good." So he didn't want to give him anything to hit.
  6. rlcave3rd

    2023 Starting Rotation

    Kluber gives up 3 in the first, so the trend continues. Walk, double, ground-out to score a run, then a 2-run homer.
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    4/11 These Rays Gotta Go

  8. rlcave3rd

    4/11 These Rays Gotta Go

  9. rlcave3rd

    Red Sox Announce changes & new food offerings for 2023 season

    Given that it is a "healthy" alterative from a small company, I wouldn't be surprised if the new ketchup actually costs more than Heinz. Is Sox management going on a health kick? Will they eventually replace Fenway Franks with tofu dogs?
  10. rlcave3rd

    Sox considering bumping up game times

    I went to several Sea Dogs games this season, which started at 6 pm. In combination with the pitch clock, the games were generally over by about 8:30. Even the longest game (a 13-9 final, or something like that) was done by 9 pm. I'm retired, so it is not a big deal to have to stay up later, but...
  11. rlcave3rd

    Franchy Cordero recalled to the major league team

    I wonder how much of Franchy's low IFF and GIDB rates are related to the fact that he strikes out a lot. If he had better bat-to-ball skills, some of those whiffs would presumably turn into pop-ups or ground balls.
  12. rlcave3rd

    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

    I was surprised to see Noah Song on the list of Rule 5 eligible players, since he is blocked by his military commitment. I thought players had to be actively in the development process. Is Rule 5 eligibility determined strictly by the time since the Sox acquired the rights to the player?
  13. rlcave3rd

    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

    If it is just a matter of Devers wanting to play with Xander because of their friendship, then that is probably true to some extent, although it might be balanced by his familiarity with the organization and the city. Unless the Sox sign both of them, however, it seems unlikely that they would...
  14. rlcave3rd

    Explaining baseball’s next experiment to limit shifts: The ‘pie-slice rule’

    I have been to a couple of Sea Dogs games this season, and I agree 100% with the comment about the pitch clock. The game moves along much more quickly, and I like it a lot. It led me to wonder: what, if any, is the impact of moving up from the pitch-clock environment in AAA to the no-pitch-clock...
  15. rlcave3rd

    Sox Rotation '22- The Good, The Pretty Good, The Not-Bad, the Pretty Bad and the Ugly

    Sale for the WooSox tonight: 3.2 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 5 BB, 5 K
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    2022 COVID Impacts on the Team.

    Given that Houck is a starter, they at least have the option to adjust the rotation so that he isn't scheduled to pitch in the next two series in Toronto, which are both 3 games. This gives them a chance to mitigate the damage. The next series vs the Jays has some off-days nearby (off, 3@CLE...
  17. rlcave3rd

    Pace of Play, Time of Game, and Pitch Clocks

    For me, the pace of play is what is most important. A slugfest may take a long time to play, but as long as the game moves along at a good clip, it is still enjoyable. Getting average game times down to 2:30 or so would be great.
  18. rlcave3rd

    Pace of Play, Time of Game, and Pitch Clocks

    I went to the Sea Dogs game a week ago, and despite the fact that the pitch clock was not being fully enforced (the clock ran out a few times with no automatic ball or strike calls), the game moved along quite briskly. The pitchers were staying on the mound, and the batters weren't wandering...
  19. rlcave3rd

    PitchCom is here

    One of the articles I read suggested that the pace of the game could be improved because the catcher can send the signal while the pitcher is walking around the mound or rubbing up the baseball, so when he gets back on the rubber he is ready to throw the pitch, or at least he knows what pitch he...
  20. rlcave3rd

    JD: In or Out?

    If they do decide to trade him what is a 3.0 WAR, 126 OPS+ DH/OF on a $19 million contract worth? (Stats from Baseball Reference). Presumably it depends on how the CBA shakes out, but I don't have a good feel for this sort of thing. He is certainly still a good hitter, but seems to be on the...