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  1. bosoxsue

    YouTube announces Sunday Ticket Pricing

    Thanks for that -- we're just going to skip the student offer and simply add RedZone to our Sling package.
  2. bosoxsue

    YouTube announces Sunday Ticket Pricing

    We were trying to figure out whether RedZone is separate from that single stream, as it's an add-on to the student rate. So, can my son (the .edu account) watch a game on one TV while we have RedZone on through that account on another one?
  3. bosoxsue

    Today is the anniversary of my first game at Fenway Park, 21 August 1952

    That was a fantastic story. What amazing seats you had! Thanks for writing about it.
  4. bosoxsue

    2023 Tennis

    She's the most likable player I can remember in a long time. I hope she leaves with the title.
  5. bosoxsue

    2023 Tennis

    I've mentioned my soft spot for Stan in this thread, and you've got to love him with quotes like this: "Hopefully I can make a competitive match, but if you will look at recent results, I don't really stand a chance."
  6. bosoxsue

    Switching to Disc. Cellphone Carrier?

    I've heard a few anecdotes of success specifically regarding going to a Verizon store to do it, especially if you're carrying a piece of direct mail from Xfinity or TMobile.
  7. bosoxsue

    Switching to Disc. Cellphone Carrier?

    I have had Cricket for years and it seems to work fine; my three kids are on the plan and stream like typical Gen Z. Even when the data slows down after they reach a certain level, it doesn't seem to be an issue (or they know better than to complain, as they're aware they'd pay more on a solo...
  8. bosoxsue

    Padres @ Mets

    Oh man, I hadn’t heard the news about Sarah Langs. She was always so nice and friendly when I worked with her at one of her stops along the way. Just dreadful.
  9. bosoxsue

    2022 Masters

    I’m glad he said “Friday.“ Feel like Nantz expected him to say “First time I picked up a club” or something like that.
  10. bosoxsue

    2022 NCAA Pool

    Tag teamed with hubby; can't locate your Venmo so I'll pop a check in the mail today. Thanks!
  11. bosoxsue

    ReVax! Aaron Rodgers caught the Covid!

    I thought Hawaii had very strict entrance protocols for a long time (he had that infamous trip in May), but maybe he technically was quarantining at his destination. It's disappointing as my kid who has loved him since he was 6 got the vaccine as soon as 16-year-olds were eligible, and now he's...
  12. bosoxsue

    Tennis 2021

    I saw that Hurkacz won 50 points at the net in his last match, and with the comments here about his serve speed, it felt like trouble for Roger. Didn't count on straight sets, though. I'm wearing my Worried Mirka face.
  13. bosoxsue

    Tennis 2021

    That kid getting Novak's racket is the closest we're coming to a changing of the guard today. Happy kid, though. What a match!
  14. bosoxsue

    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    I went through the cancellation steps on the Fubo account and they gave me a credit for $50 toward next month. I'll roll with that and go back to Sling when it expires, I guess. I'll have to listen to the Red Sox on the radio. Fubo is entirely too expensive, and most of the soccer-viewing here...
  15. bosoxsue

    Tennis 2020: There is an I in Thiem

    My buddy Stan Wawrinka must really be regretting not entering this tournament right about now, pandemic risk notwithstanding.
  16. bosoxsue

    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    To be fair, this Sarah Spain column is pretty good, and predictably, she's taking crap on Twitter for it, a lot based around it being "too soon" and that she happens to be a white woman.
  17. bosoxsue

    Whose Departure From the Sox Devastated You Most?

    Dear bosoxsue, Thank you for your interest in the Boston Red Sox. Sincerely, Haywood Sullivan (and an actual signature)
  18. bosoxsue

    Whose Departure From the Sox Devastated You Most?

    Carlton Fisk. In the first angry letter of my life, I wrote a long one to Haywood Sullivan and received a one-sentence reply.
  19. bosoxsue

    Tennis 2019: Plus ça change...

    That's the way I feel, although I'm pulling for Djokovic for some reason. I'm at work with a big TV and am the only one doing so.
  20. bosoxsue

    Tennis 2019: Plus ça change...

    Four more break points saved in this set and here we go with a tiebreak ... how much longer can he keep this up is the question.