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  1. Yelling At Clouds

    2023 WC Round Game/Discussion Thread

    I didn't realize until recently that the Phillies now use "Dancing On My Own" as their rally song (and have since last year)? I assume Schwarber brought it over. Still seems like a weird choice to me, just like it did when the Red Sox did it!
  2. Yelling At Clouds

    September MLB Thread

    Pretty much. They had a pretty clear need and they chose half-measures to address it, then when most of those didn’t work, they tried a different series of half-measures. And yeah, sure seems like the owner cheaped out on them. People have been shipping Ohtani and Seattle for a while, but I’m...
  3. Yelling At Clouds

    September MLB Thread

    They went 38-19 without him. If anything, his return killed them.
  4. Yelling At Clouds

    September MLB Thread

    Mariners looking pretty willing to help them out at the moment
  5. Yelling At Clouds

    Minor league thread 2023

    Important non-Red Sox note: Harry Ford's full first name is indeed Harrison.
  6. Yelling At Clouds

    Yankees Application Form

    Right, it obviously defeats the purpose of the exercise, but my answer to a lot of the questions was “it depends”
  7. Yelling At Clouds

    Tim Wakefield has passed away from brain cancer at 57 (10/1 update)

    And 1995 wasn't quite peak steroid-era MLB offense, but it was getting there
  8. Yelling At Clouds

    Red Sox sign Masataka Yoshida

    Soto to Seattle for one of the young SPs and Harry Ford makes all the sense in the world to me, if - big if! - the Padres are actually entertaining offers, which I’m not sure they are. Could the Red Sox beat that? Maybe, but hard to know how the new boss will operate until they’re in the seat.
  9. Yelling At Clouds

    September MLB Thread

    I don’t know that this will go down as one of the great collapses of all time, but falling behind three teams over the course of September is remarkable. I’d be enjoying it quite a bit if it happened to a different team, but the Mariners’ history is filled with enough disappointment as it is.
  10. Yelling At Clouds

    So....who is the new GM/head of baseball ops?

    Haven't seen this name mentioned or anything, but I was wondering what we'd think about Jon Daniels? He's working for the Rays now as a "senior advisor," he shepherded Texas through what is probably the greatest period of success in that team's history, he built them back up into a team that...
  11. Yelling At Clouds

    September MLB Thread

    The Astros are extremely fortunate that the Mariners are also collapsing. Should be an interesting series this week!
  12. Yelling At Clouds

    September MLB Thread

    What’s Phil Nevin got to do to get fired?
  13. Yelling At Clouds

    Immaculate Grid: Show Off Your Useless Baseball Depth Knowledge!

    Went for the starting lineup again, I don't really get good rarity scores this way, but I was getting a little bored the other way. I guess I could use a different browser window to go for rarity?
  14. Yelling At Clouds

    So....who is the new GM/head of baseball ops?

    Seeing it lain out this way (either version, really) leads me to think that the lack of consistency and continuity may be the larger issue more than any one PBOs. But I guess that’s at odds with what I’ve said before which is that the PBOs is just the most visible part of a large system and...
  15. Yelling At Clouds

    The Other Grid Game... Crossover Grid

    Tried something a little different and aimed for a “starting lineup,” I think it works:
  16. Yelling At Clouds

    The Red Sox have fired Chaim Bloom

    Right, there were rumors swirling about Edwin Diaz back in 2019, and it's kind of amazing that he didn't go for that, assuming the rumor was true, of course. Kind of an interesting what-if, I guess. (If I'm remembering right, Buster Olney at one point said the Mets were really interested in...
  17. Yelling At Clouds

    X Leaves the Spot for San Diego: 11 years, $280M

    The guy responsible for the decision is gone now. Why keep relitigating it? If the point is to tell the skeptics (hi!) that they were wrong, sure, fine. I wouldn’t take any particular joy in being “right” about that. I’m sure you all would have been contentedly preaching patience back in June...
  18. Yelling At Clouds

    The Red Sox have fired Chaim Bloom

    Worth noting that the Mariners got Josh Rojas in the Sewald deal, they installed him as their starting 2B and he’s a massive upgrade over Wong. Sort of what the Sox were going for with Urias.