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  1. Stuffy McInnis

    Kraft One-Ups Brady’s Departure

    Details from behind the paywall: The proposed deferred prosecution agreement calls for completion of an education course about prostitution, completion of 100 hours of community service, screening for sexually transmitted diseases and payment of some court costs. But in an unusual provision...
  2. Stuffy McInnis

    2019 NFL: News & Transactions

    I found this list from March 6, 2018. It sums to 1.034 Billion, so it's a difference of about 7%.
  3. Stuffy McInnis

    2019 Patriots: Post-SB Roster Thread

    Lawrence, Clark, Clowney and Ford all got tagged. Flowers is going to have a ton of interest because there just aren't too many other options.
  4. Stuffy McInnis

    The New New 2017 Draft Contest!

    Here's my go. Thanks for doing this again. Something to root for on day 3. Derek Barnett, DE/3-4OLB, Tennessee Chuck Clark, FS, Virginia Tech Bryan Cox, DE, Florida Julie'n Davenport, OT, Bucknell Antonio Garcia, OT, Troy Bucky Hodges, TE, Virginia Tech Roderick Johnson, OT, Florida State...
  5. Stuffy McInnis

    CB Sherman Watch: BB No Longer Interested?

    The next generation in NFL medicine: My brother actually had this done, therapeutically though.
  6. Stuffy McInnis

    2017 Butler Watch: Love Me Tender

    Reiss was just backing away from the (unintentionally) implied sexuality factor. Whether or not married vs single is really a preference for the Patriots is minor point that wouldn't have interested social media at all.
  7. Stuffy McInnis

    2017 Patriots FA & Trades Thread

    Here's the rule from the CBA
  8. Stuffy McInnis

    2017 The Rex Burkhead IS NOW A NEW ENGLAND CHAMPION PATRIOT thread

    He had a hamstring injury. Original estimate was two weeks, and I don't believe there's been an update on that. Obviously hamstrings can linger, but I'd assume he's 100% for training camp.
  9. Stuffy McInnis

    2017 General NFL Transactions and News

    The week 17 benching was to avoid the injury guarantee kicking in, the non-injury option wasn't in play. Maufman is talking about a lack of flexibility if the option is picked up. Now is definitely the time to cut him if they think if they don't believe in him.
  10. Stuffy McInnis

    It's the Little Things: Pick Your Favorite Unsung Effort From SB 51

    Amendola on the 4th down catch. Outside comeback route that looked easy, but that's game over if he flubs it.
  11. Stuffy McInnis

    NFL's Declining Viewership: One Slice at a Time

    I watch way too much football, so I'm not part of this decline, but watching live is an awful experience at home. Maybe it's because I don't watch any non-sports live anymore, but the ad content is just too much. I'll watch the Pats live, but I switch to Redzone during the commercials, let the...
  12. Stuffy McInnis

    Why aren't there more 500-foot home runs?

    Here's hittracker's page on the supposed 545 ft shot.   They credit it at 487 ft and explain the 545 ft estimate as trajectory error. It hit a sign after 436 ft.        and here's a very rough video.  ...
  13. Stuffy McInnis

    The 2015 Patriots Draft Predictions Contest

    1. Cann, A.J. 2. Harrison, Jarvis 3. Jackson, Tre' 4. Morse, Mitch 5. Glowinski, Mark 6. Williams, Daryl 7. Brown, Trenton 8. Matias, Josue 9. Poutasi, Jeremiah 10. Douglas, Jamil 11. Beckwith, Ben 12. Hart, Bobby 13. Kouandjio, Arie 14. Spain, Quinton 15. Poole, Terry 16. Shead, Adam 17...
  14. Stuffy McInnis

    2015 Free Agency: The Waiver Wire Watch

    Since the safety class is weak, I wonder if Baltimore RFA Will Hill would be worth a look. He was only tendered a 'original pick' tender, which, since he was originally undrafted, means no compensation at all if he's signed away. His current tender is worth 1.5M. He's not a smart guy and comes...
  15. Stuffy McInnis

    Patriots re-sign Alan Branch

      I'm sure they will eventually, but there's no reason not to use the loophole while it exists. If there was a obscure rule that said cap hits counted 2% less for contracts signed on Tuesdays using a purple pen, you know the Pats would sign all their players on Tuesdays and give them purple pens. 
  16. Stuffy McInnis

    How to watch a recorded version of the game while traveling?

    If you have a recent model TiVo (stream or roamio) at home, you could stream the game from the start of the program to a tablet with the TiVo app.  I've done that with an Ipad at least. I'm sure the other streaming boxes (slingbox?) can do something similar. 
  17. Stuffy McInnis

    Help me select a SFF video card

    My first go-to for deciphering graphics card alphabet soup is Tom's Hardware Graphics Card Hierarchy:,3107-7.html   They have the DDR5 version of that card as a better option. Both are pretty old cards though, being released in...
  18. Stuffy McInnis

    Adrian Peterson News & Football related discussion

      That's a very specific exclusion. I assume that's meant to avoid the NFL's new domestic violence automatic suspension. If Goodell wants to keep him suspended, he's going to have to make a decision and not just point to his rule. 
  19. Stuffy McInnis

    It's the NFL Week 1 Game Thread

    Oh, that's who Ariana Grande is.
  20. Stuffy McInnis

    Roger G's Wheel of Justice

      It's not stated in the letter, but the NFL usually lets criminal prosecutions play out before taking their own action, so that's the most likely case here. A full policy probably exists that is clearer.