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  1. pedro1918

    Liverpool 23-24: Fuckin' Around & Findin' Out

    Curtis Jones red card upheld. He gets a 3 game suspension.
  2. pedro1918

    Let's enjoy memories of the Red Sox of the past 20 years! What were your favorites (team/player/moment/etc)?

    A very personal favorite moment for me was Mike Napoli's home run off Verlander for the only run of Game 3 of the 2013 ALCS. When they threw up Napoli's stats on the TV screen in the 7th, my wife who isn't a big fan, had noticed his poor batting average and asked something like "Why are they...
  3. pedro1918

    GW 7 Game Thread - VAR Strikes again

    What a joke. Go ahead and ruin a game.
  4. pedro1918

    dirtynine's Digest - The Thread for Kits

    Arsenal? I guess I don’t know where Stella’s rooting interests are, but I would have guessed Everton!
  5. pedro1918

    9/28 - I Don't Even Know Who is Pitching

    Surprised the crowd isn’t larger. The fans here are into it, but lots of empty seats.
  6. pedro1918

    Tim Wakefield has passed away from brain cancer at 57 (10/1 update)

    Not much to add that hasn't been already been said, so I'm going to focus on Tim and his family. Bests to you and yours Tim. You've got a team, it's fans, a city, state and region all on your side.
  7. pedro1918

    9/28 - I Don't Even Know Who is Pitching

    I'll be the sacrificial lamb for the evening. Some time in June my neighbor bought tickets for tonight's game in Balmer. I told him I'd go with him. He's excited to see his Orioles clinch. I will probably be in the men's room. I hope it rains. Win it
  8. pedro1918

    Buckley Story on Tom Maggard in the Athletic

    Great story by Steve Buckley in the Athletic about Tom Maggard. Maggard was a Red Sox prospect who died suddenly in 1973. I am stunned that I did not know about Maggard before today. Incredibly sad.
  9. pedro1918

    Liverpool 23-24: Fuckin' Around & Findin' Out

    Reds go to Bournemouth for the fourth round.
  10. pedro1918

    Brooks Robinson has passed away

    When I was a kid, my father took me to Fenway a couple times a year. We saw the Brewers and he pointed out Henry Aaron as someone I should remember. When we saw the Orioles, he pointed out Brooks. Glad I saw him play.
  11. pedro1918

    Jerome Bettis is still salty

    The Steelers should have figured out the sign for 60 yard bomb to Branch.
  12. pedro1918

    GW6 Game Thread.

    Thank you, Nunez!
  13. pedro1918

    GW6 Game Thread.

    Mo scores from the spot!
  14. pedro1918

    GW6 Game Thread.

    Arsenal should start a goal down just because of those socks. Oh well, switching to Anfield.
  15. pedro1918

    GW6 Game Thread.

    Bruno just buried a beautiful ball from Johnny Evans. Wow. 0-1.