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  1. Was (Not Wasdin)

    Celtics Trade Timelord, Brogdon, and picks for Jrue Holiday

    They mentioned 2026 and said that is why Brown will likely get traded at that point (as the most tradeable guy not named Tatum). Apparently under the new CBA there are draft pick penalties for second apron teams that are severe.
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    Celtics Trade Timelord, Brogdon, and picks for Jrue Holiday

    On the Dunc'd On podcast, they were pushing pretty hard that an extension is coming and was likely part of the trade discussions.
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    (Re)Building the Offense

    A large part of the reason those teams have good running games is because defenses have to respect Aiyuk/Samuel or AJ Brown/D. Smith taking it to the house on any given play. Who in this group of Patriot's pass catchers is any kind of deep/YAC threat like that?
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    (Re)Building the Offense

    Exactly. They could have gone in a number of directions with that first pick, and Strange would have been there in the second round and Thornton in the third. Fake edit: They are getting nothing from the 2019 draft and next to nothing from the 2022 draft. that is going to hamstring them for...
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    (Re)Building the Offense

    There is a lot of talk in a bunch of different threads about what to do with Mac, BB, etc. Thought it might be helpful to have a place to discuss rebuilding the offense as a whole, which I think is necessary (for those who do not, please share whatever you are smoking). I doubt they extend...
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    Patriots Quarterback situation moving forward

    I don’t think Mac is the guy long term, mainly because he is going to get expensive in a year or two and I don’t think he adds that kind of value. I’d be fine trading him if they could get something for him, but that seems unlikely, and I think he probably walks after his rookie deal. I...
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    Celtics Trade Timelord, Brogdon, and picks for Jrue Holiday

    Portland turned a guy who wanted out and threatened not to play into Deandre Ayton, TL, Malcolm Brogdon, 2 Unprotected ‘29 1sts, (Celtics and Bucks) 24 GSW 1st ‘28 & ‘30 Swaps (Bucks) that’s good work, especially if they flip TL and Brogdon and get anything at all for them.
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    Tim Wakefield has passed away from brain cancer at 57 (10/1 update)

    Was just coming to post this-he completely throws Doug Mirabelli under the bus ("I was talking with Doug Mirabelli yesterday"). So Schilling probably wasnt in the know, finds out from Mirabelli, and then decides to make it all about himself.
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    Michigan State football coach Mel Tucker accused of sexually harassing rape survivor

    I didnt realize that old friend Harlon Barnett was the interim/acting Head Coach.
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    Brooks Robinson has passed away

    That might not have even been his best play of that World Series. View:
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    2023 Jets: Hello Darkness Retreat, My Old Friend

    I've never understood drafting a QB and then throwing him in as a starter in week 1. Almost by definition, the team is going to suck. There are a ton of guys who likely benefitted from sitting for a year or two while learning. I thought that the Jets screwed up by not bringing in a vet...
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    Joey Votto: Hall of Famer?

    I don’t think Stargell is a favorable comp for Votto. When Stargell retired he was top 20 all time in homers and RBIs. That plus the rings/MVP/“Pops” persona made him a no-brainer I think. McGriff I agree.
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    Joey Votto: Hall of Famer?

    I voted yes, and should be, but i think it will be a while before he gets in, via the old timers or whatever it will be committee. If Votto has played his last game, he will almost certainly be passed, in both WAR and counting stats, by both Paul Goldschmidt and Freddie Freeman during his...
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    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    On the Athletic NFL podcast, Thursday’s episodes focus on QBs and former NFL QB Chase Daniel is the guest. He analyzed the Panthers’ offense this week (and Bryce Young’s struggles), but he may as well have been discussing the Pats. Poor O line play, plus a lack of downfield threats, allows...
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    NFL: News and transactions

    Worth noting that the Bears havent won a game since they thumped the Pats on MNF last October. Fields ran pretty much at will, and the Pats had no answers. He looked like the next big thing. Amazing how it has all gone so far downhill.
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    Fan dies at Gillette Stadium

    We are in 330. When I heard about a fan dying at the game, I assumed it was a guy in our section. We know most of the folks around us, and it was a face we hadn't seen before. The staties came up to pull him out, which is unusual-it is typically just Gillette security. Guy looked like a...
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    LynnRice75 appreciation thread. Oh, and there's a game tonight. (9/18)

    Spring will be here soon for us my dear It’s just around the bend And Sale is on the mend (again) Fenway Park is quiet in the dark all that sweet green grass unchurned While we wait for Story’s return But someone left Yoshida in the rain And I don’t think that I can take it If Roman or Ceddane...
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    Fan dies at Gillette Stadium

    NBC Boston is reporting there was a fight.
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    CFB 2023 Week 1: The Road to the Pop-Tarts Bowl begins

    That’s probably true in terms of the workload, but the difference between Deion and almost every other P5 HC is that those guys all were, at some point, the assistant coaches doing 95% of the work. Deion never was that guy. I’m so frustrated with BC right now-if Hafley goes, who’s next? Could...
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    CFB 2023 Week 1: The Road to the Pop-Tarts Bowl begins

    Have to wonder if this can become a viable model for the schools that can’t get a Saban/Smart/Dabo. The problem is that when a guy like that moves on, he takes his talent (players and coaches) with him-doesn’t exactly build a foundation. I wonder what Deion’s end game is. If he’s successful...