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  1. Kevin Youkulele

    The Alex Cora Difference

    I completely agree. I expected Cora to employ "playoff Tito"-style bullpen management, and I remember, for example, one of Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling relieving the other late in the 2001 World Series,* but Cora absolutely took usage of starters as relievers to a new level. (*: other...
  2. Kevin Youkulele

    Levangie saw Machado stealing signs

    I kind of assumed that going to earpieces would have to involve either calls from the dugout or the pitcher putting his glove over his mouth and say something--which would be a big departure from the way things are usually done, meaning that this is not very likely to actually happen.
  3. Kevin Youkulele

    Sox Fans in the Bleachers: Do Your Job!

    I'd attend Oakland games occasionally when I lived in the Bay Area and they are perhaps a slice of East Coast style fandom on the West Coast. I remember A-Rod in particular being an extreme object of ridicule of the sort I really wouldn't want a kid to hear. But it's a totally different vibe in...
  4. Kevin Youkulele

    World Series 2018--Red Sox vs. Dodgers

    I was more bothered by Machado trying to block Benintendi than coming off the bag to try to catch an errant throw on the Mookie steal. Nonetheless, he certainly is putting himself in the way. A feet first slide into second would give Machado something to think about. Then he'd be putting...
  5. Kevin Youkulele

    Astros caught cheating in Game 1?

    That's a funny definition of "closed." Jury: "Your honor, we find the defendant not guilty. He was only making sure no one else was committing a crime." Judge: "The defendant is free to go and this case is closed. I reserve the right to sentence him in two weeks." They had to say something...
  6. Kevin Youkulele

    ALCS 2018 - Houston Astros

    Every pitching change during an inning adds about 3 minutes, too (including the time for the manager to walk out, then the reliever enters the field, commercial, and post-commercial reintroduction).
  7. Kevin Youkulele

    ALCS 2018 - Houston Astros

    I wonder how much explicit probabilistic analysis the Sox did to evaluate this strategy before moving forward with it. Even using simple linear weights, if the chance of an XBH from certain hitters is high enough when trying to avoid BBs, pitching so as to avoid anything hittable while accepting...
  8. Kevin Youkulele

    can we debate the kemp catch

    This is like a step beyond Schrodinger's cat. Not only does observation seem to affect the outcome, but the precise manner of observation seems to reversibly affect the outcome. The catch and no-catch were in a state of persistent superposition. It's a good thing the Sox won and reunified the...
  9. Kevin Youkulele

    The Magic Number

  10. Kevin Youkulele

    The Magic Number

  11. Kevin Youkulele

    BOS bullpen 2018

    Here are IP by the starting pitcher, going back in time from yesterday to the first game of the Rays series: 5.2, 3.1, 6.1, 4.0, 5.0, 3.1, 1.1, 5.2, 2.0, 5.0, 3.0, 4.1, 4.0, 5.0, 2.2. 15 games, exactly one time where the starter made it through the 6th, and only six where the starter completed...
  12. Kevin Youkulele

    The Magic Number

  13. Kevin Youkulele

    The Magic Number

  14. Kevin Youkulele

    This is the best Red Sox team...ever.

    It felt awful because we've been so incredibly privileged to watch them perform at an extraordinarily high level for almost the entire season. If you could go back three years and tell yourself that you'd be complaining in 2018 about a month in which, at their worst, the team was 15-8, your...
  15. Kevin Youkulele

    The Magic Number

    Google is telling me "Twentieth Wife"
  16. Kevin Youkulele

    The Magic Number

  17. Kevin Youkulele

    Are you worried about the Red Sox?

    The bolded is essentially puffery or posturing. He isn't going to talk down someone that they are about to/trying to trade. As you note, he admitted a mistake regarding pulling JD, which is not actually that common among managers as I understand it. Regarding the Moreland no-PH episode...
  18. Kevin Youkulele

    Are you worried about the Red Sox?

    Benintendi (293/374/486, 20 SB) looks like a reasonable leadoff hitter. Good discipline, speed, decent average, some pop but less than Mookie and JDM. Honestly as long as Betts and JDM are near the top of the order I don't think it matters that much beyond avoiding a run of hitters of the same...
  19. Kevin Youkulele

    Kimbrel: closer to trouble or same as always?

    Thought this merited its own discussion: Let's go to the data. From Fangraphs (major league only): 2018 Game log going back to May: Walk and HR rates are both higher than typical--2nd highest (excluding partial rookie season) and highest, respectively. Not surprisingly, then, FIP/xFIP don't...
  20. Kevin Youkulele

    Fire Cora! Cora! Cora!

    I am sure the judge's chambers at Yankee stadium will issue a writ of error Cora nobis. Why not just dismiss him now and avoid the inevitable?