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    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom club

    I already responded clarifying earlier, but the choice of saying the roster isn't stacked was indeed pretty stupid.
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    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom club

    Cowboys, Chiefs, Bills, Steelers, Titans, Packers, Rams and Saints are teams I'd put up with Tampa in terms of complete supporting cast. Not necessarily over. I get where you are coming from and I probably shouldn't have said they weren't stacked. I was speaking more on the NBA/Heat...
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    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom club

    I wouldn't call Tampa stacked last year. Chris Godwin was hurt all year and never looked right, same with Evans. Gronk was still a great player, but far from peak Gronk and I actually think he's looking better this year. Their RBs were hardly dynamic game changers and had fumble issues...
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    Celebrating what is

    Tampa was 3rd in DVOA with Brady, 20th under Jameis. Completing 5% more of your passes and throwing 19 less INTs in a pretty high risk offense is going to make things a lot better. Brady's play is clearly diminished at 43, but I actually think his season is getting underrated by some. First...
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    The Game Goat Thread: Wk.11 at Houston

    The context of the units they were going up against has to matter a little bit, though. Houston is a tire fire on defense all year, awful against the pass and even worse against the run. They're actually giving up near 50% 3rd down conversion on the season. Offensively they're still pretty...
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    The Game Ball Thread: Wk.9 @ NYJ

    Meyers was an undrafted rookie last year who put together a solid season considering, and now he's looking much improved in year 2. Sounds like pretty normal progression, not really some situation where Brady and/or the Pats refused to use him last year.
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    The Pre-Game Thread: Wk.8 at Buffalo

    Hey, say it every year and eventually it's going to be true. The Dolphins are legitimately exciting right now.
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    The Pre-Game Thread: Wk.8 at Buffalo

    The Bills are probably an average to bad team despite their record. Two wins over the Jets, rest of their wins were single score, Chiefs ran all over them and they weren't at all competitive against the Titans. Just last week, they beat the Jets with only field goals. Their offense is...
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    2020 NFL: Wk.7 Game Thread

    Those stats aren't including today's game. You can now understand why the guy felt he had more left than he was able to show last year.
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    2020 NFL: Wk.5 Game Thread

    I couldn't care less how the Buccs do, but the reveling in any little failure because he wanted to play somewhere else after 20 years is weird. At least some people are consistent and have been hating on the guy here since 2013, I guess. The Buccs will probably be OK. Thursday game, limited...
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    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom club

    Rooting for him. I don't understand rooting against him, he gave the Patriot's 20 years of GOAT play and never demanded to be the top paid QB, and it's probably better off for the Patriots that he has moved on. I can understand not caring about how he does elsewhere, but rooting against him...
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    2020 TB12: The Decision 2020

    Brady was like 10 TD, 3 INT, competing around 67% of his passes for around 275 yards/game through 5 games last season. Then both Gordon and Brown didn't work out, the injuries mounted and the offense was pretty bare. I do think there's some credibility to the thought that he has slipped enough...
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    WC Pre-Game Thread: Tennessee

    I agree with this. The Browns aren't any better on offense than the Patriots this year, with their passing game and o-line play even grading out as being worse. Chubb isn't the beneficiary of a strong offensive system, he's just a top talent while Michel isn't. Even when Michel is running...
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    2019 Game Goat Thread: Wk. 13 at Texans

    The problem with the they need to simplify the playbook and Brady is freezing guys out theory, is these guys never seem to go on to have any success elsewhere. With examples like Kembrell Thompson, Bethel Johnson, Aarson Dobson, it points more toward problems with recognizing WR talent than...
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    2019 Game Goat Thread: Wk. 13 at Texans

    I doubt the Patriots feel like they've figured anything out offensively from that game. The Texans are a bottom of the league D against the pass, and the last three drives still were mostly just throwing to Edelman and White. Their best players made some plays late to make the game...
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    2019 AB Watch: Legal & Exemption List Posts Only

    AB absolutely fails my own personal morality test, but I cannot imagine watching football if I let that play into my enjoyment of it all. We know the league is littered with scumbag players, scumbag owners and is in general a miserable cesspool. I still love watching football so I've made that...
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    Greatest play in Patriots History?

    Butler pick. UDFA Patriot's success story, how unexpected it was and the fact that it staved off another BS miracle catch loss in the super bowl. The Troy Brown strip of McCree in 2006 isn't approaching the top 5, but is a personal favorite of mine.
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    2017 Patriots Defense

    This is true, but in basically every game where the Patriots D looked solid my impression was the Patriots were either keeping them off the field or racing to leads and putting them in a good position. I agree with you the D was terrible, and it was probably pretty bad all along to where we...
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    2017 Patriots Defense

    They were also having to go hurry up to keep the Eagles offense off their game, and had a lot of big plays. In the majority of the games where the defense appeared to turn a corner, the offense was sustaining drives and being extremely efficient. Last night the defense had to hold its own and...
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    2017 Eagles: Thread Under the Influwentz

    Congratulations on the win. They're a great team that's clearly set up to be a force for the near future. The coaching was aggressive and smart and they have a deep, talented roster. I thought they clearly had a more talented roster than the Patriot's last night, and it was a super human...