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  1. Carmen Fanzone


    This is one of the first memories that came to mind when I heard this news. We often remember more the way we want it to have been than the way it was, and in my recollection this was still in the midst of the redsoxstiff vs redsoxbrain confusion, when each had the other's handle as the note...
  2. Carmen Fanzone

    NESN - Is That All There Is?

    Last week's Red Sox Report featured a long-time but dearly departed SoSHer.
  3. Carmen Fanzone

    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

    I have access only to non-member forums, which I assume is related to Nip's work on Lifetime members' accounts. If not, I'd appreciate a restoration of access. Thanks.
  4. Carmen Fanzone

    Pedro Martinez HOF day game thread

    We used to feel like this every five days. I miss it.
  5. Carmen Fanzone

    Red Sox Deadline Discussion (nothing is credible) thread

      Leake and Latos are rentals.
  6. Carmen Fanzone

    Worst Catcher in Recent Sox History

    Tim McCarver
  7. Carmen Fanzone

    John Farrell: Not on the Hot Seat

    I bet he called Miley a lollygagger. Then threw some bats into the shower. That's what real managers do.
  8. Carmen Fanzone

    In HOF if not for PED suspicions

    But tell us about their backs. Acne. Yes? No?
  9. Carmen Fanzone

    The 500 Mile Race

    I'll be at the race today. Turn 1. My first time in 5 years. Weather supposed to be perfect. Beer already cold.
  10. Carmen Fanzone

    Will GM dan jennings be the next MIA manager?

    An owner has even done it himself. Ted Turner tried it, and Connie Mack of course.
  11. Carmen Fanzone

    Pearl Jammin' with Grandpa, the Bill Simmons Thread

    Simmons was always pretty close to Jamie Horowitz, who left ESPN to run the Today show and was fired just weeks into the gig. Lo and behold, a couple of weeks ago Horowitz was named President of Fox Sports Networks.   So......
  12. Carmen Fanzone

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    NFL announces fine for Brady, who issues a statement that it's "more probable than not" that he'll actually pay it, then never does.
  13. Carmen Fanzone

    Name the new Hartford minor league team!

    No. The bustle's in the hedgerow.
  14. Carmen Fanzone

    It's the Fans' Fault, Especially Patriots' Fans

    Let's put the shoe on the other foot for a second. Let's say that there was someone at your job who - every day - went out of their way to make your job harder. He didn't have to, but he did anyway. And he wasn't the least bit apologetic about it, but did it with a fuck-you attitude. You're just...
  15. Carmen Fanzone

    PawSox now looking at sites in Pawtucket

    Yeah, quick Google shows NYY own team with Mandalay Bay and have over 25 years to go on lease.
  16. Carmen Fanzone

    PawSox now looking at sites in Pawtucket

    Why not just get the Scranton AAA team to move? Call them Connecticut Yankees, for the Twain connection. Build a rivalry with the RI Red Sox?
  17. Carmen Fanzone

    PawSox now looking at sites in Pawtucket

    "Hartford - not quite Scranton"
  18. Carmen Fanzone

    PawSox now looking at sites in Pawtucket

    You mean like building a 9,000 seat stadium when 10,000 is the accepted minimum for AAA teams? "No thanks, we really see ourselves as a THIRD tier city."
  19. Carmen Fanzone

    Mike'd Up: The Mike Francesa Show

    Maybe Parcells was drunk and confused Francesa with Charlie Weiss.