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    Pitching Targets

    A 27-year old 1B/DH with almost 2,000 plate appearances in AAA at a .772 OPS pretty much screams "AAAA player". So no, I doubt it unless the team in question had some absolutely massive organizational hole at 1B in the majors/upper minors. He's having a nice year but by no means is he...
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    Shaw is better than Will Middlebrooks, simply because he can draw a walk. As for Daubach, him as a hitter with the ability to play passable defense at 3rd is a nice player when you have him for controllable years. Daubach was a .259/.341/.476 career hitter; Shaw so far is at .265/.326/.472, so...
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    Travis Shaw - what must he do to play three games in a row?

    Given Hanley's and Pablo's injury history and body type, respectively, there's a good chance Shaw could play 100+ games next year without a defined starting role. I see him as an early career Youk type of "Professional Hitter" at the plate who can also do ok at third and be a plus glove at 1st.
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    Who plays 1B next year?

    Even after Shaw's hot August, he's been more than serviceable in September, posting a 124 wRC+ in the month over 82 PAs.  He's still got a slightly high (but not awful) K rate at 21% this month, but his BB% is up to 11% as well.  BABIP remains well over .300 but he always posted strong BABIP...
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    Anderson Espinoza

    I don't see much harm in starting him in Greenville.  If he dominates for 4-5 starts off the bat, move him quickly up to Salem.  Whatever the case might be, he's going to take at least two more years to stretch out to be close to helping the MLB team even if he dominates the competition at...
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    Xander Bogaerts: Silver Slugger and Herald of Galactus

    With 29 doubles, the power potential is definitely still there, but you can see he's consciously just focusing on hitting line drives right now and taking what the pitcher gives him.  Hopefully he can go into the offseason, build off that confidence, and start selectively finding pitches that he...
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    Can a Blake Get Some Love?

    McCann has power that Swihart couldn't dream of.  I have a hard time seeing Swihart hitting 20-25 bombs a year even at his peak potential. Fair point on the K rate vs. Kendall.  I just struggled to think of a guy with Swihart's athletic, wirey frame.  It's also hard to find a good comp in terms...
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    Can a Blake Get Some Love?

    Is a reasonable projection for Swihart something like Jason Kendall?  Good contact hitter with doubles power leading to a ~750-800 OPS, plus baserunner despite being a catcher, and a solid reputation as a receiver.  Kendall during his Pittsburgh years was a regular ~4 win player based on that.
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    Can a Blake Get Some Love?

      Even if Vazquez hits for a .600 OPS?  At what point does Vazquez's bat (and sluggish baserunning) offset his defensive value?  Swihart so far looks like an average to slightly above average hitter.   To me, it's flip-flopped.  The understanding of catcher defensive value is so nascent that...
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    Can a Blake Get Some Love?

    No reason to do anything with the catchers this year. If Vazquez comes back and is hitting well in AAA, trade Hanigan during the season - solid catching is always in demand. Then split the PAs between Swihart and Christian. If they both show themselves to be starting caliber catchers, field...
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    9/7 MiLB Gameday: The Regular Season Ends

    Thanks to Cuz for another fantastic MiLB season!
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    9/3 MiLB Gameday: Drive vs. Pesky Sand Gnats

    Devers now has 9 hits in his last five games - heating back up after a slow August.   Also, god bless Benintendi.  He now has only two fewer XBHs (20) than strikeouts (22).  His .959 OPS would be the best mark among all low-A hitters this season (SAL and MWL).
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    Sons, Sam, and Horn, L.L.P.: Brady Case LEGAL ISSUES Only

      If the NFL were run by smart people, they never would've wound up before Judge Berman in the first place.
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    Anderson Espinoza

    So Espinoza will get one more start, maybe two if we're lucky and the Drive make the playoffs?  60 IP this year, hopefully can move that up to 90-100 next year.
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    9/2 MiLB Gameday: GCL Championship Finale

    What a great start by Raudes.  Lost in all the Espinoza love is Raudes' strong performance as a fellow 17 year old in the GCL.  25 IP, 18 H, 2 ER, 7 BB, 23 K, 0.72 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, sub-.200 average against.
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    Let's discuss Papi's HoF chances

    He's not a lock, but I also don't think he's going to retire this year, so another 1-2 years to pad the counting stats would go a long way.  He's at 495 HRs, 2276 hits, 1600 RBI, 1300 R.  If he manages to get to 525+ HRs and 2500+ hits, that would be tough to deny.
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    Ortiz 500 career homers this year?

      I was surprised at Sheffield's career numbers.  Winding up with 300 more walks than K's is really, really impressive.  Career 140 OPS+ (as a comparison Manny is 154).  Would be interesting to see if he ever got in what cap he would wear.  I guess the Marlins?  He was only there 6 years but did...
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    Ortiz 500 career homers this year?

      Yeah, his postseason performance in those World Series definitely should help, as will his long tenure in a big media market like Boston.  It's an intangible, but the "personality" of Papi probably gives him an edge over the likes of Edgar Martinez, etc.  It's important to note that the guys...
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    Ortiz 500 career homers this year?

    FWIW, for those interested in Papi's HOF chances, his Bill James Hall of Fame Monitor score is now 138.  Among guys who are eligible (ie, excluding recent retirees like Jeter), here's the list of guys ahead of him who aren't in:   Barry Bonds - 340 Pete Rose - 311 Mike Piazza - 207 Sammy Sosa -...
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    "This too shall pass" ---- righting the ship for 2016

    The reality is that someone we view as "reliable" this year is likely to flame out next year or get hurt - that's just the nature of bullpen arms - so whatever number of arms we think we need, we probably need one more than that.   The good news in my view is that some of the extra arms might be...