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    AppleTV - Disney Channels not working

    Have you tried watching the Disney Channels on a computer or another iOS device using the same login credentials?  This may isolate whether the issue is the Cox account or your AppleTV.  About once every 2 weeks, I have to goto the Settings page of the Disney Jr. app on the Apple TV, logout, and...
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    Iphone 5 Update Problem

    Edit: deleted
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    Iphone 5 Update Problem

    Based on the error message, I think the issue might be with the network connection. Is your MacBook connecting via Wi-Fi? If so, can you try connecting to your router with an Ethernet cable instead? Or, try a different Wi-Fi network if possible. By the way, what kind of connection speeds are...
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    Iphone 5 Update Problem

    Are you able to download the iPhone software before it is used to update the phone? Assuming the answer is yes, how far are you getting before you have the failure (ie: what's the error message you see on the MacBook Pro?). The other thing is to make sure iTunes is up to date before updating...