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  1. ItOnceWasMyLife

    World Series 2018--Red Sox vs. Dodgers

    I'm just happy it's not St. Louis again. Real tired of them. We got this series because we got AC.
  2. ItOnceWasMyLife

    This is the best Red Sox team...ever.

    They could lose the next 7 games and still have a better than .667 winning percentage.
  3. ItOnceWasMyLife

    How Many 2018 Regular Season Games Will JDM Start in the OF?

    I think it may be a lot because I do not have confidence that JBJ will hit. So sit JBJ (late inning defense) send Beni to CF, JDM to left and Hanley to regular DH. You add Moreland more consistently with a drop on OF def. sure, but mitigated in Fenway games.
  4. ItOnceWasMyLife

    Goodell to fine Jerry Jones millions of dollars

    It's about a strong man (term used loosely here) pushing his weight around, while everyone around them falls in line. It's all the craze these days.
  5. ItOnceWasMyLife

    Potential Red Sox manager candidates

    They should really get a room. Cora! Cora! Cora! for me please. Then get Otani a ticket on the next aircraft carrier headed this way.
  6. ItOnceWasMyLife

    Tyrone wants to fire Farrell

    This team is woefully under-performing the reasonable offensive expectations set out for them at the beginning of the year, save Bradley I suppose. Maybe Chili Davis should be the one under the microscope? It seems the relationship of the younger players is pretty close with him. Maybe seeing...
  7. ItOnceWasMyLife

    David Price 2017

    When's his opt out, end of 2018? Small chance, but have we seen the last of the lesser DP.
  8. ItOnceWasMyLife

    New and Improved--Pablo Sandoval, 3B

    Lackey part Deux? Hopefully Panda is also in the starting line up for a World Series clinching victory. Awesome job PS!
  9. ItOnceWasMyLife

    The off-season

    Thornburg entering first Arb. year. Sox have 3 years of control.
  10. ItOnceWasMyLife

    David Ortiz will retire at end of 2016 season.

    Finishes with exactly 500 Red Sox homers. Would have loved just one more.
  11. ItOnceWasMyLife

    Red Sox Defensive Gifs

    If you wait long enough, the videos sync up beautifully.
  12. ItOnceWasMyLife

    Benintendi talk

    No, the "O" is retiring this year, remember? Love the avatar, btw.
  13. ItOnceWasMyLife

    A-Rod is retiring this Friday

    It's like Xmas in August, right?
  14. ItOnceWasMyLife

    July & August & September Minor League game thread

    Because it didn't. Still not so hot from the right side. A little more seasoning will take care of that. He is going to be something to watch for years to come. Did you hear me DD? For.Years.To.Come!
  15. ItOnceWasMyLife

    Futures Game

    Hit that bomb from the right side, just for the record. Earlier single was from the left.
  16. ItOnceWasMyLife

    July & August & September Minor League game thread

    The futures game, BTW, is on MLBN at 7PM Eastern, Sunday night.
  17. ItOnceWasMyLife

    5/1 MiLB Gameday: End of an Era

    I knew he'd never last.
  18. ItOnceWasMyLife

    Red Sox sign David Price

    I'm going to have a hard time rooting for him as well, but if you had to bet on one pitcher that's available, he's the one to me. Got to love his mechanics and his results.
  19. ItOnceWasMyLife

    Red Sox sign David Price

    It's almost like there was a plan.