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    The 2023 Injury Thread

    I'm surprised that there hasn't been more indignation over the frustrating Trevor Story timeline. He is planning to stay in AAA for the maximum allowable time. That, despite his .967 OPS in Worcester and Yu Chang posting a .167/.167/.333/.500 slashline over the past week. Do we really believe...
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    2021-2022 Bruins Season Thread

    Thanks, Frisbetarian. My posts are rare as hen's teeth, so I feel like I'd better contribute when I actually peek my head out of my lurker cave. This is obviously something you've thought about before, do you have a sense of what the average playoff game time is? I can't think where to even...
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    2021-2022 Bruins Season Thread

    Great discussion, folks. I’m wondering if anyone knows how problematic it is to compare per-game stats across regular and postseason? Just looking at last year’s Bruins postseason, and doing the math in my head, it looks like they played about 50 extra minutes over 11 games, so about 4.5 extra...
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    Bruins Round 2 Thread- New York Islanders

    How does Craig Smith get to be the 5th Bruin in that tweet?