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  1. geoflin

    The Red Sox have fired Chaim Bloom

    I'm surprised it happened this year but not disappointed. The pitching and defense this year was an embarrassment. Bloom didn't show himself capable of putting a competitive team on the field although he did have some success in rebuilding the farm system. I agree it's time for somebody else...
  2. geoflin

    The Story remains the same? The progress back from injury

    I agree with this, I think it's a pitch ID issue. Just from what I've seen he's not recognizing pitches soon enough and committing too early to swinging at sliders or curves that end up low and away.
  3. geoflin

    Rafael Devers: post extension performance

    Agree 100% with the above post. I am good friends with a former Red Sox pitcher, we play golf together regularly. He is EXTREMELY competitive, throws clubs when he hits a bad shot, celebrates when he makes a putt, etc. He still lives and dies with the Red Sox and, since he played a number of...
  4. geoflin

    Cora, Cora, Cora!

    I have thought many times this year that Cora pulled his starter too early. This game I thought he pulled Bello at the right time.
  5. geoflin

    JWH and Bloom in Light of Mookie's Comments

    There was reason to believe at the time he was traded that he could get $400 M. It was pre-Covid and Trout had signed a $426.5 M contract the previous March.
  6. geoflin

    Come Sale Away

    The fact is both the Red Sox and Sale expected the rehab and ramp up we're currently seeing and communicated that to us at the time he was activated after 2 short minor league starts. We were told that he was at that time on a pitch count of 65. He wasn't expected to go deep into games but was...
  7. geoflin

    Producing Relief Pitchers

    Whitlock was drafted, albeit in the Rule 5 draft. They traded for Winckowski, presumably because there was something about him that they had identified and liked. Neither of these is dumpster diving for rejects.
  8. geoflin

    Cora, Cora, Cora!

    Unfortunately this is what happens to your bullpen when you go a month with only 3 starters who don't always go deep into games themselves and the pen has to cover the rest of the innings. That part isn't Cora's fault although I do often disagree with his decisions about when or if to bring in a...
  9. geoflin

    JWH and Bloom in Light of Mookie's Comments

    Regarding what Mookie said I believe him that he wanted and expected to be here but also believe that he intended to test free agency and the open market. Both can be true, he may have planned to see what offers he got, at the time generally expected to be $400 M or more, bring them back to the...
  10. geoflin

    Wilyer Abreu to be called up

    Duran either had or is having today an MRI, no announcement yet of the results.
  11. geoflin

    Cora, Cora, Cora!

    Haven't seen or heard anyone mention this, but wasn't Cora automatically ejected for coming out to argue balls and strikes? It wasn't because of what he might have said.
  12. geoflin

    Trade Kutter Crawford or fire Alex Cora

    Do you have Crawford in a fantasy league and didn't get the W?
  13. geoflin

    Cora, Cora, Cora!

    How did they open a spot on the 40 man roster for Sale? I didn't think there was one currently available.
  14. geoflin

    Cora, Cora, Cora!

    I'm guessing Llovera, he hasn't shown himself to be useful or trustworthy and they need the 40 man spot he occupies. Plus it's unlikely anyone else claims him so he could easily just end up back in Worcester.
  15. geoflin

    Rosenthal: Sox Almost Traded Turner, Were In On Verlander

    Perhaps if the lurkers also had a track record of contributing something useful their comments critical of "lifetime members" might carry more weight and be taken more seriously.
  16. geoflin

    Trade Deadline Approach

    With the recent length and quality of his appearances wouldn't it make more sense to keep Pivetta in his current role and use Sale as an opener and eventually a starter once he builds up and Houck and Whitlock as bullpen pieces who could be used either short or long as needed? Also, as Cora has...
  17. geoflin

    Joely Rodríguez To the 15 day IL with a hip injury

    Not sure what difference the starter makes, Pivetta isn't likely going 9. It's more about matchups. I'd rather see him continue to pitch in bulk relief, he's been thriving in that role.
  18. geoflin

    Kiké Hernandez traded to Dodgers

    According to Alex Speier, Sox getting 2 minor league relievers in the higher levels of the LA system.
  19. geoflin

    The 2023 Trade Deadline: Scenarios

    View: Chaim, get this over the finish line
  20. geoflin

    The 2023 Trade Deadline: Scenarios

    According to Jim Bowden (yeah, I know) in The Athletic today Barlow is not a buy low candidate.