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    Week 4--Pats @ Cowboys

    Bench him for that. Inexcusable.
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    The Falcons-Jaguars London game will have an animated ‘Toy Story’ alternate broadcast

    People mock this, but my 9 year old daughter who gives not a single shit about sports saw this when she opened Disney+ this morning and was disappointed we’d miss it while at her soccer game. She also loved the Big City Green hockey game, so..
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    camps and other preseason stuff

    It won't happen, but Lohrei has shown he can and should play at this level. Doing so would mean doing something with Forbort - so there's no hope we see him to start the season, but the kid is going to be a stud. Reminds me a ton of Dougie Hamilton out there.
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    preseason game thread

    I like Lohrei’s game so far. He’s slick.
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    NFL: News and transactions

    I just watched the video and man, he is not well. Has an emotional breakdown at the end talking about Aaron Hernandez, and implies that he didn't kill himself - but that Josh McDaniels had something to do with it. Really, really bad stuff
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    preseason game thread

    Bussi is legit.
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    NFL: News and transactions
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    The Rat Gets the Cheese: Marchand Named Captain

    Love it. He was on the last Cup winning team. He knows what it takes. All hail the rat king.
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    camps and other preseason stuff

    Connor Bedard has a hat-trick in his first NHL pre-season action.
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    2023 Week 1 NFL Gamethread

    Is this the worst thing to ever happen to a Jet in New York on 9/11?
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    2023 Week 1 NFL Gamethread

    edit: Wrong thread.
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    Week 1 vs. Eagles: A New Beginning

    How the fuck are people blaming this on Mac?
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    Week 1 vs. Eagles: A New Beginning

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    Signficant Power Play rules changes

    I like the first two. It never made sense to me that when given a penalty, you get to exit the box early just because the other team scored. The penalty and the result of those actions shouldn't really be tied together. I don't love a SHG ending a penalty, because it again ties an outcome to...
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    Bruins Offseason Alex Chiasson to Bruins on a PTO. 6-3-9 in 20 GP with Detroit last year. 6-foot-3 wing, bit of a power-play specialist. 30 of his 61 goals since 2018 have come on PP.
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    8/17 Just Have Fun

    In stadium radar has him at 93 on the fastball. This stadium is 66% empty.
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    Bruins Offseason

    And - signed. The Bruins have signed former Harvard C John Farinacci to a two-year ELC with a $910,000 cap hit. Former Coyotes third rounder became a UFA yesterday after not signing with Arizona.
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    David Krejci Retires

    Yea I guess even though they said they would, they haven't yet. Missed that.
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    Wander Franco Is In Trouble (Grooming/Pedo Warning)

    I think that's probably the best way for teams to handle things though, right? Like, if they come out too hard against the player - and it turns out the player is innocent, that relationship is now soured. On the other hand, if they support the player and he ends up being guilty - they look...