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  1. someoneanywhere

    Napoli: 'I Don't Feel Too Comfortable'

    It's not about his swing, per se. Read what he said. Read what Ferrell said. It was/is about his load position. Translation: he was/is not getting to his load early enough -- a timing matter, not technically a swing matter, and one of the hardest things to maintain in a hitter's approach. Get...
  2. someoneanywhere

    The premature re-signing Lester thread

    I'm quoting this as representative of several of you running the Internet Front Office, and not to pick on you personally. But seriously: you guys save the lectures. I am pretty confident I have a pretty good idea of the kinds of discussions that go on, and the kinds of phone calls that are...
  3. someoneanywhere

    The premature re-signing Lester thread

    If they are stunned, my friend, it is at the sheer desperation, and the backtracking. After all, these signings say to them: we don't believe in what we have, or our vaunted prospect depth. We don't believe in Cespedes. In paying for these guys you've devalued your trading assets.
  4. someoneanywhere

    Braves trade Jason Heyward to Cardinals for Shelby Miller

    That's most likely because you've been spending time in the Rumors thread.
  5. someoneanywhere

    Red Sox Hot Stove Rumors

    Maybe indirectly support what DD took to be an absolute position. The absolute there is that he wants closer's money. The situation is relative.
  6. someoneanywhere

    Red Sox Hot Stove Rumors

      That's not what he said.   He said: "For us, there are no demands or expectations on what role it's going to be,'' Rodgers said. "A team that signs Andrew Miller is a team that has put a premium on its bullpen -- because no matter how the bullpen is, he's going to make it better.''   What he...
  7. someoneanywhere

    Red Sox Hot Stove Rumors

      One, they call on everyone. Just because they called on Jedi does not mean they are interested. They (and any MLB team with any sense) make these calls in part to keep a pulse on the market.    Two: if they are interested, who said they called about him as a SP? 
  8. someoneanywhere

    MLB Hot Stove Rumours Thread

    And you would be correct, sir.
  9. someoneanywhere

    Joe Maddon to become Cubs manager (10/29)

      No, not down thataway. More like: who had the better finishing move, Stan "the Lariat" Hansen or Dusty Rhodes? Is Gordon Solie a Hall of Famer? Were Mr. Wrestling I and II really Wahoo McDaniel's kids? That kind of thing. 
  10. someoneanywhere

    Your 2015 Boston Red Sox

      Dunno why you'd do that: you know Betts, you know his ethic, his development, his persona, and his medical history.    And you're not watching (which I say with no ill will or personal feeling at all). Betts doesn't look great out there because he hasn't been out there. Playing a major-league...
  11. someoneanywhere

    Ortiz to do pre and post game shows for first 2 games of World Series

    I think he gets a bad rap there, in general, but that, sir, was brilliance.
  12. someoneanywhere

    the 2004 ALCS, ten years later

      No chance that bimbo makes the 25-man for the LCS. 
  13. someoneanywhere

    Psssssst 2014

    Sundays in our nation's capital are always interesting, what with the political shows, the chattering classes, the dueling agendas. Also a good time to check on the local 9.
  14. someoneanywhere

    Thank You Cuzittt!

    My man, as always. You are an institution.
  15. someoneanywhere

    Should the Red Sox go all out to sign Yasmani Tomas?

    FWIW, I don't think any of us should be talking about "a" plan or "the" plan. Better to say, I think, there is a framework of need -- offense, frontline pitching -- and multiple "plans" or fluid options to get there, with no one knowing which of those options might be the most feasible and...
  16. someoneanywhere

    SOSH Running Dogs

    That, my friend, is awesome. Great to hear: an outstanding accomplishment. Well done. 
  17. someoneanywhere

    Edes: JBJ down to AAA, Betts up

      Mostly good for him. I think he let his pique get away from him there, at the end, in calling for the Sox to trade Bradley. He surely knows, first, that two voices do not make an "organization," and second, that they could belong to anyone, theoretically including a clubbie. In fact that's his...
  18. someoneanywhere

    Jeter: The Final Weekend

    I agree that it would be a very un-Jeterian thing to not play,    They should ask the MFY's for the Sheppard audio and have that introduce him for the final at-bat.
  19. someoneanywhere

    Gammons: Perspective on Struggling Rookie Hitters

      In my world, the guys I know would see your phrase "producing hungry players" and laugh.