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  1. Wallball Tingle

    2023 Mostly Belated Mathematical Eliminatory

    I look forward to this thread every year, and am grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the teams wandering in the wilderness, including the Sox. Thanks, cannonball!
  2. Wallball Tingle

    9/14 - The Post Bloom Era Begins

    Losing that series fucking sucks. One last undignified kick in the balls before the team officially dies next week.
  3. Wallball Tingle

    The Red Sox have fired Chaim Bloom

    I'm damn surprised and the slightest bit disappointed, would have liked to have seen one more year to see if something could come together. But can see the argument that he's never put together a pitching staff that could hold water, doesn't seem like the minors' prospects are likely to change...
  4. Wallball Tingle

    Bloom, Cora -- Do they stay or do they go?

    I could imagine Cora getting axed or resigning, but I would bet against it this year, and would be extraordinarily surprised if they canned Bloom just yet. Maybe after 2024 if they're not seeing adequate talent build up in the minors, etc. Voted both stay.
  5. Wallball Tingle

    8/20 Beat the MFY

    Oh damn, haha, it's gone! Get fucked, Yankees!
  6. Wallball Tingle

    July 16 @ the Cubs

    Happy ending at Coors Field.
  7. Wallball Tingle

    July 16 @ the Cubs

    3 runs for 3 outs, 'kay. Glad he didn't let it unravel utterly.
  8. Wallball Tingle

    July 16 @ the Cubs

    Will trade outs for runs on a 1:1 basis at this point.
  9. Wallball Tingle

    7/14/2023 Boston @ Chicago - This Train (Is Bound For Glory)

    Did the YES Network still leave the Red Sox off the standings?
  10. Wallball Tingle

    7/9/2023 Oakland @ Boston - Giddy up! Giddy up!

    It's obviously been covered, but I still can't believe Yoshida hit a ball at shoulder height over the monster. That's gonna keep me warm until Friday. Also, way to go, JTB!
  11. Wallball Tingle

    6/11: Sox vs MFY

    Man it always feels good to win a series there. Eat shit, Yankees, 2 runs, both on a ball that hit the bag. GJGE.
  12. Wallball Tingle

    5/23 Angels

    Lifetime, his OPS against the Red Sox is .921, his fourth-worst against any AL opponent. The Astros lead the field at .898--crazy they've muted him most despite sharing a division with him. In a similar vein, I would have guessed his best OPS against an AL opponent would be some East or Central...
  13. Wallball Tingle

    5/23 Angels

    Ugh, that Trout kill shot.
  14. Wallball Tingle

    5/21 Bloom's Gambit

    Yikes. Not a great day for the team's standings or depth.
  15. Wallball Tingle

    5/21 Bloom's Gambit

    God damn, Kluber. Get off the stage, ya bum.
  16. Wallball Tingle

    5/21 Bloom's Gambit

    Oh totally, oversimplification is kind of a theme of these threads too! :)
  17. Wallball Tingle

    5/21 Bloom's Gambit

    This past offseason, Chaim Bloom more or less chose between today's starting pitchers, Kluber and Wacha. Did he make the right decision? Early returns say no. Today's game won't answer the question, but it will be a very interesting data point. Come one and all as the "not in last place" Red...
  18. Wallball Tingle

    5/20 Who Are the San Diego Padres?

    Yeah, fair. Wonder why I forgot him...