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  1. johnnywayback

    The Red Sox have fired Chaim Bloom

    No, it's a disastrous way to run an organization and also not a recipe for winning. It's listening to the whiner line instead of having a plan.
  2. johnnywayback

    The Red Sox have fired Chaim Bloom

    If they think they can find someone to execute the same game plan more effectively, then okay. If this is yet another zig-zag, it's a disastrous mistake.
  3. johnnywayback

    Cora, Cora, Cora!

    Right, but if you wanted Winckowski to pitch to Altuve, you would have needed to have him warming at the start of the inning. And given that Barraclough had gotten out of the fifth, there was really no reason to jump to the conclusion that he was about to implode.
  4. johnnywayback

    Cora, Cora, Cora!

    Obviously, Plan A was: Barraclough is effective, gets you through the 7th inning, you use Winckowski and Martin to finish the game. There was a Plan B available: They could have started warming Winckowski up to start the 6th with the idea of bringing him in if Barraclough got into trouble. But...
  5. johnnywayback

    Producing Relief Pitchers

    I don't think it's about genius. Developing prospects is hard, developing pitching prospects is harder, and I think the only answer is volume: you get a lot of guys with potential in your system and hope a few survive the numbers game. There's a handful of guys at the AA/AAA level right now who...
  6. johnnywayback

    What does Red Sox catching look like in 2024?

    I'd bet a pretty large amount of money on him neither being protected nor claimed, but I think it'll be moot anyway. He's out of options and the Red Sox aren't going to dump one of Wong/McGuire to carry him on the major league roster next year, so any team that really wants him just has to wait...
  7. johnnywayback

    What does Red Sox catching look like in 2024?

    I can't imagine a scenario where they'd protect either Hernandez (who's out of options anyway and has almost zero chance of making this or any other major league roster until/unless his defense dramatically improves) or Scott. I assume they'll do the same thing next year they did this year -- be...
  8. johnnywayback

    What does Red Sox relief pitching look like in 2024?

    Great post. I think it's likely that one or more of those free agent arms will be available at a pretty steep discount when the music stops, but I would much prefer they sign two starters -- Sale, Bello, [really good free agent], [Paxton or another similar free agent], Crawford -- and try to...
  9. johnnywayback

    Trade Deadline Approach

    I'd like to see them do both -- cash in on Paxton, Duvall, Hernandez, and other expiring vets while packaging some prospects to get a controllable starter. But whether or not they can do that depends on the market, which I have no insight into, so I voted "stand pat" because I don't think giving...
  10. johnnywayback

    The 2023 Trade Deadline: Scenarios

    Yeah, the issue with Rafaela isn't so much swing-and-miss, it's pitch selection -- he swings at a lot of pitchers' pitches, which results in weak contact, and the worry is that, against major league pitchers who are able to throw pitchers' pitches more consistently, we'll see a lot of pop-ups...
  11. johnnywayback

    It's the halfway mark. Where we at?

    I thought they'd be a little better. I still think they can be a little better. There is not a fundamental lack of talent here. Defensive sloppiness can be cleaned up, injuries can be recovered from, depth holes can be patched. But at some point, that has to actually, you know, happen.
  12. johnnywayback

    How long will Chaim last?

    I mean, this last deadline alone he got McGuire and a prospect for Jake Diekman and got two legit prospects from Houston for two months of Christian Vazquez. He got Pham and Schwarber in two consecutive years for almost nothing. He got a prospect from the Yankees for taking on Ottavino. And I...
  13. johnnywayback

    Durbin Feltman released

    The Red Sox changed his delivery and pitch mix coming out of TCU, for reasons I can't remember and/or never understood. I can imagine him asking out so he can go somewhere that will return his old mechanics. It's what I would do in his shoes.
  14. johnnywayback

    Tony Romo: A Place for Ribbing & Word Salad

    Announcers are like airlines -- you can find lots of people to swear that any given one is the VERY WORST. I find they're all basically fine.
  15. johnnywayback

    How do you feel now about this team, as opposed to earlier in the off-season?

    They failed to keep Bogaerts, and they failed to acquire another star via creative trade or free agency to pair with Devers, so I'm still disappointed in the off-season. That said, I think they've done a good job of pivoting in light of those failures to build a team that is as competitive as...
  16. johnnywayback

    Red Sox acquire SS/3B Adalberto Mondesi for Josh Taylor

    Right, but the idea is that, if an outfielder needs a blow, you put Mondesi at SS and Hernandez in the OF.
  17. johnnywayback

    Red Sox acquire SS/3B Adalberto Mondesi for Josh Taylor

    Yoshida LF Devers 3B Turner DH Casas 1B Duvall CF Verdugo RF Hernandez SS McGuire C Arroyo 2B And then thanks to Kiké's versatility, Mondesi becomes the backup at 2B, SS, LF, CF, and RF. Against lefties, Refsnyder subs in for one of Verdugo/Yoshida/Casas. It's not a great lineup, but it's a...
  18. johnnywayback

    Red Sox acquire SS/3B Adalberto Mondesi for Josh Taylor

    Meh. Certainly a good value to get him for Taylor, but this tells me they're planning to have Arroyo and Duvall play most days -- you don't want to give Mondesi 600 PA, I don't think.
  19. johnnywayback

    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    The other way to think about it is that Houck's value is being somewhat wasted -- he's not one of their five best starters (and there's an argument he's not a starter at all), and they're deep in the bullpen, whereas they are almost comically bereft of above-average up-the-middle players. Kim at...
  20. johnnywayback

    Sox Sign OF Adam Duvall to 1 year deal

    I will give them credit -- they screwed up with Bogaerts, but they've pivoted nicely to the next best plan, which is trying to stay competitive for a wild card in 23 while working on opening the window a little wider in 24 and beyond.