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  1. NHbeau

    Arsenal 2018-19: Spanish David Moyes

    In a weird way Arsene is perfect for an aging team like Real. He's all about man management and not exactly high pressure training. He'll let them play how they want, he'll defend them in the press. And has the Name. Meh. I can see it working.
  2. NHbeau

    While we are waiting, here is a recent Antoine Walker piece in the Players Tribune

    What a great story. Forgive me if I am missing it but is 'Toine the only face of this now? In as much as doing everything he can to teach, to warn, to guide young players about the financial pitfalls of being young and rich? He's been at this sometime and takes every chance he can to spread his...
  3. NHbeau

    2016 NBA Draft Game Thread

    I was all set to pass on the Sixers poo poo platter of suck with Noel and even more picks. But Jaylen Fucking Brown? I mean sure he has an NBA body already. And at least he isn't another guard but good christ.
  4. NHbeau

    Manchester United 2015/2016: The Most Exciting Team in the League

    You mean a lot by the line "he seems the type to want to settle down". Right? Which I followed by me stating maybe it's me hoping he does. Thanks for letting me know what I admitted was a "hope" might not come true. Any other words of wisdom? Christ.
  5. NHbeau

    Manchester United 2015/2016: The Most Exciting Team in the League

    The "park the bus" thing is very much a typecast. Sure it helps in Europe at times. And he's been known to do it to secure a result. But those same teams have been lethal on counter attacks. Real under Jose could counter like few teams I have ever seen. He expects defensive responsibility, and...
  6. NHbeau

    Manchester United 2015/2016: The Most Exciting Team in the League

    I'm more a fan of Mourinho than I am of United but I have to think this latest spell off has been a wake up call. He doesn't want to leave England. His family is embedded in the country now. His relationship with Sir Alex has been well documented. The players that buy in to Jose will run through...
  7. NHbeau

    Arsenal 2015-2016: The One That Got Away

    Not a Spur's supporter but I and I think others big take away from their season is how young they are. This isn't really a team of grizzled vets who ran out of gas. It's closer in the key positions to a team of kids putting it together for the first time. I think Kane, Alli, Eriksen have their...
  8. NHbeau

    Arsenal 2015-2016: The One That Got Away

    We can agree to disagree on the squads. Other than Ozil, Sanchez and maybe Cech I'll take Tottenham's side. That's only part of the point though. You can hope that Man U, City, and Chelsea are crap again next year. Because if they aren't Arsenal is in big trouble. You're comparison to the...
  9. NHbeau

    Arsenal 2015-2016: The One That Got Away

    Not an Arsenal fan myself. The problem is exactly because Chelsea is crap. The excuse has always been Arsenal can't compete with Chelsea, Man U, City for wages and transfers. Fair enough. Explain why they are staring up the table at Leicester and Spurs of all teams though? This was Arsenal's...
  10. NHbeau

    Sons of LawTown Fool Manchester City

       I am actually a bit meh on this signing. De Bruyne is a much better player in the middle then out wide where he'll be forced to play with City. Obviously he's super talented and young so who know's exactly how it will work out. I remain a bit skeptical though as to how much he really improves...
  11. NHbeau

    Sons of LawTown Fool Manchester City

     Let's not forget when fit Aguero is one of the most destructive offensive forces in the world. It's a tough call not to play Kun any day, let alone against Chelsea for obvious reasons. For what it's worth Aguero has scored 79 goals in 122 prem matches. An average of 111.5 minutes per goal...
  12. NHbeau

    Chris Borland retires over concussion concerns

     Me and my brother have gone back and forth about this a couple years now. We both have 16 year old sons who play/played high school football. His is sticking with it, mine quit over health concerns. I've stopped watching football myself due to the "bloodsport" feel I've gotten. I guess what...
  13. NHbeau

    Might as well get the Lucic trade thread going -- to Kings for 13/Jones/Miller

     And if Hanifin is as good as advertised he'll eventually be traded for the 20th overall, some second rounders and a prospect with grit....
  14. NHbeau

    Dougie Hamilton traded to Calgary - signed for 6 x $5.75

     Every once in a while a franchise lucks into a situation like dropping a mercurial malcontent and add's a better player because of it. Once every 10-20 years they somehow finagle two franchise players out of it. Never before has someone been flat out dumb enough to snatch defeat from the jaws...
  15. NHbeau

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

     Any time I hear someone else call another commissioner of any sport a joke I am going to punch them in the throat and show them a picture of Goodell. This is a surreal. I figured Brady would catch 4 and then appeal. A first and a million dollars? That's fucking insane. Better off scamming pain...
  16. NHbeau

    The New GM is Don Sweeney

     Or he lost the room and they plan to make some significant changes to the room. Either way I would be pretty happy if Julien stays.
  17. NHbeau

    UFC/MMA in 2016

     To further mikeford. Watch all of Fedor Emelianenko's fights when he was in Pride. Might have been the most complete MMA heavyweight fighter of all time. Also find some old Cro Cop. Before he was shot and went to the UFC. His beheading's of people are pretty fabulous. And the obligatory...
  18. NHbeau

    Peter Chiarelli fired; Claude and coaching staff stays

     Sweeney is a candidate I could get behind. My guess is they bring Gorton back, hand him the reins and he keeps Julien. Cleans the roster of the Kelly types moves a big piece for youth and doubles down on development while he deals with what's likely to be a lowering cap situation till he can...