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  1. hatchibombotar

    4/1 - Baltimore @ Boston - APRIL FOOLS

    I enjoyed his pulling out the old "is there a hole in my glove?" pantomime though.
  2. hatchibombotar

    iPhone 13

    I'm on Fi and switched from Pixel to an iPhone 12 Pro. It works fine. Only differences I see are that you access voicemail messages through the Fi app instead of directly on the phone, and you don't get a reassuring little text when you arrive in a new country, although the easy international...
  3. hatchibombotar

    Foleys Pub in NYC Closing

    Very sad news. Such a friendly place. Shaun's a great guy (as was his father who was always there schmoozing with the clientele) and Ailish poured a generous martini. Aside from the baseball/memorabilia collection, I hope those magnificent urinals end up in a worthy home...
  4. hatchibombotar

    Our ownership group

    I don't have an issue with how the ownership group has managed the team itself, including the most recent trade. But how they manage their cheeseball TV network -- which is how most of us see most games -- is an embarassment, and I'm always surprised it gets so little criticism on SoSH. I wish...
  5. hatchibombotar

    NLCS Game Thread- CHC VS NYM

    Dave Roberts is on his way to Wrigley with police escort.