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  1. ZMart100

    Which AL East team(s) would you trade places with right now?

    Baltimore and it's not close after Franco. They have a better MLB roster. They have better high end MiLB prospects. We have Anthony and Mayer but I would personally sail them through Lee to trade them for Holliday and Mayo. They are a little short of pitching but everyone is and Grayson...
  2. ZMart100

    2023-24 Patriots Practice Squad

    No. The previous contract was terminated. PS has a lower minimum, though the Pats often choose to pay PS players the NFL minimum.
  3. ZMart100

    8/29/2023 - MiLB from the future

    Mosqueda was more interesting than I was expecting. 92-94 with good life for a lefty. Except for this... The blood was streaming. I was on the wrong side to see exactly where it hit him, but my guess is a broken nose. It was misting all night so I would think the ball just slipped. Certainly...
  4. ZMart100

    Top 250+ Red Sox Prospects List (Prospect Discussion Thread)

    It does factor in age. The DSL numbers are going to be the most noisy because they are the farthest away and that league is so inconsistent, but the DSL is otherwise pretty opaque. It at least gives an indication of who to pay attention to when they come stateside.
  5. ZMart100

    Top 250+ Red Sox Prospects List (Prospect Discussion Thread)

    It is an entirely box score stats regression. Like I said a decade out there is a lot of noise, but it is a data point. I think we heard that Roman Anthony's trackman data was very good in A ball even though the production wasn't there before the promotion. Obviously that sort of stuff isn't...
  6. ZMart100

    Top 250+ Red Sox Prospects List (Prospect Discussion Thread)

    With FCL and DSL concluding (I think) I thought it would be interesting to check in on how Clay Davenport projects the batter's performances to the player's peak. The number to look at is EqA, which is a total offensive number like wRC+, but scaled so .260 is league average. Obviously a lot of...
  7. ZMart100

    Top 250+ Red Sox Prospects List (Prospect Discussion Thread)

    I agree Yoeilin is more interesting. I think my preference is for a higher weight on upside. Once you get to 12-15ish I think the system transitions to the land of relievers and utility players if everything breaks right. For now at least I think there is some reason to hope Arias is more than that.
  8. ZMart100

    Top 250+ Red Sox Prospects List (Prospect Discussion Thread)

    I think what Franklin Arias is doing is super intriguing. Good bonus and producing in the DSL so I'd guess high ceiling even though I don't really know much about him. I'd probably put him in the 12-15 range. That's where "meh could be something, but more likely a bench player" starts for me.
  9. ZMart100

    Noah's Arc: Song back, assigned to GVL.

    Baseball savant has his pitches in the game logs for the time he was with the Phillies. His fastball in his last appearance with Lehigh Valley was 90.5-92.9 and averaged 91.8. I haven't seen anything about his stuff since he got to Greenville.
  10. ZMart100

    What does the Red Sox outfield look like in 2024?

    I don't see the urgency to make a decision this offseason. Ceddane has options.
  11. ZMart100

    Baseball America Top 100 ‘23: 5 Red Sox

    That's Ezequiel Tovar of COL- currently .256/.291/.419 for a wRC+ of 75. It's harder to make up the value on defense in CF than at SS though.
  12. ZMart100

    Minor league thread 2023

    Yeah Casas started the season at #2. Casas was #1 for a time before Mayer over took him in their rankings last July.
  13. ZMart100

    Trade Deadline 2023 General Thread

    Scherzer said in the Athletic that the Mets GM said the plan was for a multi year rebuild probably targeting 2026 though possibly 2025. The GM also said that they aren't going after big names this off season. I have a feeling they will want to reset the tax, though I don't know how possible that...
  14. ZMart100

    Trade Deadline 2023 General Thread

    King is a post prospect. He has appeared in 87 MLB games over 4 seasons.
  15. ZMart100

    Trade Deadline Approach

    My recollection is that Gilberto was seen as a high end athlete. High ceiling if he could tap into his tools.
  16. ZMart100

    Noah's Arc: Song back, assigned to GVL.

    Maybe they keep him for the season, but unless there is tangible progress I have a hard time believing they couldn't find someone more interesting in the Rule 5 draft with his 40 man slot. I think he ends up getting returned sooner or later.
  17. ZMart100

    Trade Deadline Approach

    I agree. I think I'd want to protect 3, maybe 4 of those guys.
  18. ZMart100

    Noah's Arc: Song back, assigned to GVL.

    I think I disagree with them. Maybe a bottom feeder would roster him for the remainder of the season, but unless he takes a big step forward I don't think he's really interesting enough to keep a 40 man spot into the offseason. His stuff isn't what it was in 2019. I suspect they could find a...
  19. ZMart100

    Thank you, Marcus

    I loved watching Marcus here. I felt the C should have come with his last contract.
  20. ZMart100

    Tanking vs. whatever it is the Sox are doing

    They assembled a team with flexibility to get under. At the deadline they were somewhat close to the wild card. I wouldn't have minded if they went for the playoffs and got better, though it wasn't my preferred strategy at that point. I could see the argument for adding too. It was the lack of a...