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  1. bradmahn

    2019 Pre-Game Thread: Wk. 9 at Ravens

    An 84.9 passer rating is not good, not today. If that's what he had for a whole season line, it would slot in between Joe Flacco and Daniel Jones as the 25th best passer rating. The 96.1 day is buoyed by a 50 yard TD he threw down 18 with 40 seconds to go against the Browns. Prior to that...
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    [LOCKED] 2019 AB Watch: Non-legal Views Only

    As others have pointed out, it doesn't actually seem that outlandish. Rosenhaus is certainly full of shit but the bolded is funny given the confidence of your assertion.
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    2019 NFL: Preseason Game Thread

    Mike Tomlin reportedly belongs to the Christian and Missionary Alliance, an evangelical Protestant denomination with large representation in Pennsylvania and the midwest. If Ben's talking about life with him half the time and getting religious, I doubt they're unrelated.
  4. bradmahn

    2019 Pats: Roster Projection 1.0

    Until after the trade deadline when all players are subject to waivers, only players with fewer than four accrued seasons are waived, while players with four seasons' time are released outright. Beginning week four of the season, waiver priority is determined by league standings. From the Super...
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    Celtics pick Carsen Edwards at #33 in 2nd Rd (Are you glad you stayed awake now?)

    Rajon Rondo is 6'1" with a reported 6'9" (!) wingspan.
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    2019 NFL: News & Transactions

    Can you provide a link?
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    2019 NFL: News & Transactions

    Dear NFL, You're welcome reporters don't have to say "Super Bowl Champion, Tyreek Hill, suspended indefinitely for breaking a 3-year-old's arm." Regards, The New England Patrons
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    Greatest play in Patriots History?

    I think there's a top two for me: Butler's pick for all the reasons already mentioned and the Brady to Moss TD against the Giants to break the records for most TDs thrown and caught, also taking the lead in what would end up win #16 that year. For the life of me I cannot think of another play...
  9. bradmahn

    Rosenthal: Sale extension 5 years, $145 million

    The compensatory pick process that arose from the last CBA is the real culprit here, which the players agreed to. Teams have effectively substituted dollar value on free agent contracts with draft picks and the players get it from both sides, fewer dollars and more emphasis placed on the assets...
  10. bradmahn

    2019 Steelers: The More Things Change...

    Damn, if this is how you treat allies of your arguments, I don't want to disagree with you. ;) Reread SN's post and BigJimeEd's post he quotes. That Bill James paraquote and the salary cap context SN provided are in defense of the team not trading him earlier. I think last year proved if the...
  11. bradmahn

    2019 Steelers: The More Things Change...

    Tomlin's infinity leashes with AB and Bell produced the toxic events the last two years. I don't think Tomlin will change the approach that's produced this fiasco, given Colbert's doubling down on the stratification in that locker room with his comments regarding the alleged rapist.
  12. bradmahn

    Kraft One-Ups Brady’s Departure I don't know about "more serious" but it'll definitely cost more.
  13. bradmahn

    AFC Playoff Watch: The Quest for the #1 seed

    If I've got it right, the Chargers would be the fifth seed due to losing the common games tiebreaker to KC (who, in theory, defeat the Rams and lose to the Chargers to go 14-2). KC loses the tiebreaker to New England.
  14. bradmahn

    What’s it all about, Rafi?

    We can't only bump this thing when it's for bad stuff! Rafi returned from the DL yesterday in Toronto and went 2-4 with a 2B, HR, and a BB. One can only hope a light DL stint helped him reset and this is the start of Second Half Raf.
  15. bradmahn

    Terry Coming Up Rozes

    Terry was drafted three years ago. It looks as if Adidas terminated his contract right at its end... after they paid him about $300k to wear Adidas for 2 years and use the notoriety of a completely different brand to get a new shoe deal in the third. He still has a job of wearing sneakers and...
  16. bradmahn

    JBJ: Elite Defender With Some Pop

    Bradley's Last 30-15-7 Game BA/OBP/SLG slashes are perfectly fine to me. Last 30: .222/.307/.414 (.721 OPS) Last 15: .340/.404/.580 (.984 OPS) Last 7: .280/.321/.480 (.801 OPS) Over the last two months, a 50 game sample that begins the first day after he was given a few games off in early May...
  17. bradmahn

    Jaylen or Tatum?

    I think the majority take Simmons, too. Ingram's height and age are what give him a slightly higher upside than Jaylen but, shit, Jaylen's playoffs performances are going to change people's minds here. Real quick. Height, age, performance in the playoffs. Those three things also push Taytum...
  18. bradmahn

    The Starting Rotation's Start

    Ryan Hannable: "Drew Pomeranz will start Friday in Oakland, per @bradfo. It will be his first start this season." With the rain out Monday, the rotation will be Price on Tuesday (4/17), then Porcello (18), Rodriguez (19), Pomeranz (20), and Sale (21).
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    The Starting Rotation's Start

    Hacks dig the longball.