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    Help me understand the Pats cap situation

    A possible team strategy was to cram in as many free agent signings last year when the market was low and push salaries to this year to sign even more. This is because you are already punting last year for the compensatory pick system. This year you take note of whats available but you try to...
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    Julian Edelman released & retires

    Hey guys. Long time lurker here - just not big on posting on boards but huge fan of all yous and I gotta post for Jules. Man I was hoping we'd get a season or two more. I think hes my all-time favorite partiot and his game against the colts in 2011 might be my all time favorite performance by...
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    Celebrating what is

    Don't know if this has been posted yet but here's a nice break down of formations and adjustments during the game.
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    Patriots Acquire WR Josh Gordon

    I am really excited for the Patriots and Josh Gordon but I'm afraid the NFL is going to ban him from the league before he really gets a chance here. Is it true that if he fails another test he will be banned rather than suspended. How many other players have been completely banned because of the...
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    The Game Ball Thread: Wk 2 vs Saints

    Game ball for Trey Flowers for the hit he put on Drew Brees with 8:37 left in the 2nd quarter. He hit him so hard he had to take a timeout and it was a big part of them having to go for a field goal on that drive.
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    Patriots 2017 UDFA Frenzy

    What peaks my interest about this guy coming into camp is --what type of cool onside kicks can they come up with?
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    Yo, Adrian

    I think this is a good point. Blount got the carries and 18 touchdowns to go with them. And Peterson would likely fill the exact same roll. This is a good pitch to Peterson. At the same time Blount in past seasons has got about half as many carries as he did this year. Plus we seem to have more...