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    Post Season Poll

    6 Days Left: MAGIC # 7 5 4 2 28-Sep Orioles At Tor Yankees Oakland at Seattle 29-Sep Orioles At Tor Yankees Oakland at Seattle 30-Sep Orioles At Tor Yankees 1-Oct Nationals Rays Orioles LA Angels at Houston 2-Oct Nationals Rays Orioles LA Angels at Houston 3-Oct Nationals...
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    Post Season Poll

    Awesome to have a couple "relatively" low-stress wins against the Mets. This weekend should feel like a playoff series against the Yankees. And with both teams having a day off before and after - expecting 4 hour+ games. Silver lining is that even with an epic gut punch and Yankee sweep -...
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    Post Season Poll

    14 Days left in the season, 11 Games for the Red Sox - the "new" pennant race/Wild Card Race for the post season has 5 teams left competing with the Red Sox for one of two spots. Magic Number vs. Cleveland is 2 (and they are not included in the chart); While the Sox are still alive for the...
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    Thank you, Julian Edelman

    Non Stop Chills in that video...God speed Jules - your play showed how much you loved football and it's been a privilege to watch your entire career in New England... WE Love You Buddy!!!
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    2018-19 Offseason Thread

    Does signing Eovaldi (or even Kimbrel) make more sense for the Red Sox than an "outside" free agent in terms of draft picks or for any reason related to luxury tax penalties? Is there any difference between re-signing "their own" players vs. signing "new" players or all free agents considered...
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    Making History: Panda and Hanley just had the 2nd and 3rd worst first seasons in free agency history

    In an attempt to look at Hanley Ramirez from a different perspective... April 2015 Line: .293/.341/.659 10 HR (91AB) It certainly looked like an awesome signing through one month - certainly didn't look like the pressure of Boston, or anythings was getting to him. Now, at the end of April...
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    The Game Ball Thread: Kiss the Ring link to tweet link to tweet     This can't be reported enough...t Can't be posted enough
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    Hope this post adds something to this megathread, and maybe brings a bit of a fresh perspective to the “controversy”   “Facts” 11/16 – Patriots defeat Colts 42-20 in Indianapolis.  Colts intercept Brady and equipment staff “discovers” ball is underinflated. Colts do nothing (apparently) –...
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    Let's Talk About Matt Kemp.

    Cano to Seattle may be a domino that helps this (Red Sox acquiring Kemp form LA) gain some momentum as Seattle was considered a major player for Kemp.    Now, I'm guessing Seattle may still want to add Kemp and would be willing to give up a lot more in terms of prospects and talent but would...
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    Let's Talk About Matt Kemp.

    As makman put it - kemp has superstar potential. Now, there'd have to be a physical/review of medical records for a deal - but kemp is a target that doesn't impact draft picks or the pool for the draft. The opportunities for big market teams to flex their financial muscles is closing and if...
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    Heyman: Ellsbury to sign seven-year deal with Yankees

      First, I am not a CPA, but I understand that states (and countries) are now taxing players for the income they make attributable to where they play - whether they are residents or not.  So with Ellsbury playing 81 games in NYC - that portion of his salary will be subject to higher taxes.   ...
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    Let's Talk About Matt Kemp.

    If Kemp can be had for a top 10 prospect and a couple lottery tickets, I'd be good with taking on the entire salary.  Maybe, with the salary off their books, LA can go and sign Cano - now that would be cool and I'd happily have Kemp on a "bad deal" with the Red Sox.   There was $20 million...
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    Heyman: Ellsbury to sign seven-year deal with Yankees

    Not sure where to put this and it doesn't flow in perfectly to the current conversation - but looking at how much more Jacoby got from the Yankees than the suggested offer from the Red Sox has been discussed many posts ago, and this may be something that should be discussed a bit further...  ...
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    Hot Stove Wishes

      This is where I'm at too.  I'll add to this by saying I want them to bid huge on Tanaka (and win that bid).  The new MLB is making it much more difficult to flex financial muscle (in the interest of competitive balance which while probably the right thing makes it harder to be the Red...
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    Napoli Hunt

    In a sport where you can not trade to acquire draft picks - choosing to only resign Napoli on a team-friendly deal is the only way I want to see him back.   I loved rooting for him and loved the beards and the 2013 season - but if you could trade Napoli for a late first round pick - it would be...
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    Report: A-Rod banned through 2014?

    Picture 77 year old Bud Selig sitting back watching this whole thing play out.  Watching Arod spending his time and money on lawyers, etc. - all the while, knowing that, regardless of the outcome, he's got the "wildcard" of giving Arod the lifetime ban from baseball under his powers for the...
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    Red Sox Free Agent Prediction Thread: Let's Find Out Who Actually Knows What They're Talking About

    Not that I have much to add, but in following this thread, I wanted to add that with the new draft rules, I believe that free agency game is changing quite a bit.  Right now, I think it's at a point where free agency may be at an inflection point where there are more "bargains" than overpays...
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    Dan Shaughnessy: Taking a dump in your mouth one column at a time

    It'd be great to come back and debate this once the off-season begins (hopefully Monday...) and I'm not trying to put Yaz down, but as far as greatest living Red Sox - here's a few stats (really check out the last column) as to why Ortiz might need to be considered the greatest living Red Sox...
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    Dan Shaughnessy: Taking a dump in your mouth one column at a time

    Good article, but I think David Ortiz may have a claim to the title "Greatest Living Red Sox Player" over Yaz...
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    Cowboys Josh Brent charged with manslaughter

    Well the details that are available are limited - the story that is emerging is that Brent and Brown went out for a few drinks and ended up at a strip club until 2 AM. I'm guessing...