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    How often do you visit

    Only Reiss. I will go well out of my way to avoid ESPN products - live games being the major, unavoidable exception.
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    May minor league game thread

    True, but Craig has been on the DL for a month so they did not have to worry about squeezing him in the lineup. Now that he is back, how many days a week do you give him at 1B? The outfield rotation is also a bit tighter with Swihart out there periodically (as he was last night). I am curious...
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    May minor league game thread

    Craig got the start at 1B while Travis sat, for the second time this week. Any word on how playing time will be split? It seems a shame to sit a prospect in order to give playing time to Craig.
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    Improving the NFL Viewing Experience

    There are a significant number of interesting possibilities for broadcast audio. We learn close to nothing from Buck, Gruden, Michaels and their ilk. A few other possibilities: 1) Choose your announcers, with several options available. Keep the vanilla/terrible guys they have now, or switch over...
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    Standalone Sunday Ticket?

    I tried the annual "I want to cancel Sunday Ticket" game today, and they called my bluff. No counter offer, no second level agent. They just shut it off without negotiation. Now I need to figure out a way to get back in at a decent price. Hmmmm.
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    MLB to announce pace of play rules for 2015

    An article in today's Globe talks about moves the Red Sox are making to appeal to young fans. This is not specifically about pace of game, but it contains a little bit of data regarding the ongoing concerns of MLB:  ...
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    Revis the Patriot: Countdown to March 10th

    Exactly what "actions" have the Patriots taken that make it clear they are all in? Nothing in the rest of the article supports that claim. Is he hinting at behind the scenes movements we are not privy to?
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    BbtL/Patriots Nation Super Bowl Roll Call

    Falls Church, VA, watching alone. Threw my mother out of my house and the wife is soon to follow. Had to be done.
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    BbtL Super Bowl XLIX Thread

    The Pats could be facing a hostile crowd this weekend. The ongoing media witch hunt has many neutral fans in an anti-Pats uproar. And it looks like tickets are being scooped up by Seahawks fans:    
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    BbtL Super Bowl XLIX Thread

    It is close to impossible to find non-deflation news about the Patriots, but I saw this update on Stork:    
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    Making an Announcer Bingo drinking game

    Improper grammar relating to injuries: "Out with a knee."
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    Run Defense: Ninkovich and Collins Lose Their Edge (Part 4 of 4)

    Good series, which highlighted a number of mistakes made by the run D. That makes me wonder - does this mean the problems we saw with the run D are mental/correctable, as opposed to pure talent mismatches? Perhaps a bit of both?
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    Ground Game: Hightower – Defense Against the Current

    Nice explanation of why that play worked perfectly for the Jets. Simple and concise, I enjoyed the breakdown.
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    Vince Wilfork: new 3 year deal for $22.5m to stay with Patriots

    Does this leave Brady as the last guy on the roster with a Pats ring?
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    Browns fired Lombardi/Banner, promote Farmer to GM, went after Jim Harbaugh?

    Lombardi has been formally announced as a member of the "coaching staff," which surprised me. Not the front office?
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    Would You Play Ridley?

    Thinking a bit outside the box, why, as football fans, do we have such an aversion to fumbles? Fumbles are terrible, they destroy drives and crush morale - but so do interceptions. Ridley has 9 career fumbles in 512 rushing attempts, a fumble every 56.9 times he carries.  By comparison, Tom...
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    NFL Sunday Ticket now available via PS3

    I had nearly constant audio stutter on Sunday, but only on the Red Zone Channel. This was during the 4:00 games, watching on an Ipad. Single game feeds seemed fine. In general, though, pretty impressive.